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  1. Hello. Recently I got my hands on alienware 18 with two 970m and 4940mx. And was very saddened to find out how system that has so great potential is crippled beyond imagination. So I asking here for help in managing to unlock this nice machine. I have already hooked programmer to vbios chip for testing and so far have tested msi and dell 970m vbios and result is same as with clevo vbios. Maxwell gpu's post only in true uefi mode which make installing windows 7 impossible. I am ready to use programmer on bios to but are not clear if there isway to unlock this bios at all even with direct access to bios chip. So I ask for help here. Laptop has latest bios version A10. Thanks forward guys.
  2. It was me that managed to upgrade g73jh with nvidia 770m but it involves modding both system bios and vbios to get everythuing working corectly. Much easier is to go amd path as for upgrading.
  3. Hello. So it can be confirmed that olding like G73jh can be upgraded to latest of nvidia gtx series. I must confess one thing though when thinking about this machine first thing that comes to mind is zombie Becouse it involves merging 4mb bios file of g73jh with g73jw plus moding video bios to get standard mxm 3.0b gpu be recocgnised by system. All this was neccessary becouse without bios mod there is not support for nvidia gpus in system bios but g73jw has neccessary callbacks and thus is involved in this mod. Even inside bios settings it is shown as g73jw now and all other programs like HWinfo shows it as that. With original unmodded bios there is no backlight on internal lcd before windows log in screen is loaded and both fans are on full throttle constantly. Under is some pictures and link to 3dmark11 score with standard clocks. LINK: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-720QM Processor ,ASUSTeK Computer Inc. G73Jw
  4. This thread looked very promissing before OP stopped updating on it: Got around to modding the old G75VX Update: Looks like this guy from thread above is just talkin big but produces little or nothing actualy. Here is another thread I found and I am sure its one and same person. And it is specialy interesting to read second page in that thread as guys got to realise hes nothing but misleadingpeople to say least. Here is link: G75VX + 220w psu + OC = Need more power
  5. Difference is in chipset I think as JW has Clarksfield and SW has Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. But AS we are talking about gpu Upgrade same GPUs that work on sw will 99% work on JW models and vice versa. With same modifications to get them to work on ofcourse.
  6. It did for svl7 but that other guy didnt managed to get it working. But If you want performance boos then try 680m instead of 660m .
  7. Can he really use thoose clocks to play intensive games like Metro and Crysis or is it just benchmarking clocks
  8. Finally we got it 174 watt from socket and 81c peak temperature
  9. Any updates IshouldGo? I dont know what else you sould try to diagnose motherboard blindly. Wait for new vbios chip so try first with that. If no progress then try with sbios reprograming. On my side, there are small steps forward. Picture on internal screen is working fine everything else also works just fine besides gpu core was limited to max 150mhz. But we managed to overclock it to 300mhz. And 3dmark11 scored total 2996 points with graphics score of 2745 which is clearly better than I couls get with overclocked 460m. Update unlocked core to 640mhz 700mhz memory and runned 3dmark11 benchmak 73 Max temp 154 Max watts from wall
  10. Does fans blow on full speed? It is concerning that caps lock key light is permanent..
  11. you didnt do anything With 460m vbios? I f not then I am very unsure what could be problem. But I remember you mentioned how you damaged 460m when removing xbracket and had red line across screen after that. It may be that damage got worst after some removing and mounting it. But try and remove gpu from Laptop and leave fans connected to motherboard. Assemble laptop and power it up if it boots with fans on max and you can toggle between caps Lock and see hdd light blinks then motherbard/sbios should be ok.
  12. I finnished my upgrade and internal lcd is working now. Have installed latest beta 320.14 driver i had to modify inf file though. But core does not go above 150mhz even that gpuz reports normal speeds. Nvidia inspector hwinfo and other programs report that core is not going above 150mhz. Even with 150mhz 680m is on pair with 460m. With 460m I got 1829 points on graphics and with 680m 1920 points. If svl7 read this can you share some thoughts please. I use 670mx vbios from asus g75vxit is only one that posts on internal lcd.
  13. I need to find if video bios of 3D modells is same as video bios of non 3D models. I know that video bios resides inside system bios as option rom module. And have found 2 option rom modules inside of generic asus sbios update rom file. One is for 660m and other is for 670mx. I just need one person to read vbios number on his 3D model so I can compare if it is same as non 3D model.
  14. It is not system bios but video bios I asking for.
  15. I did edited title but it still shows error I make first time. I need file from g75vx model or just exact vbios number would help to.
  16. Vbios chip is circled in red. They are usualymarked by some kind of pen from before.
  17. Any updates IshouldGo? I still struggle with this damn fuzzy screen. Checked screen cable and it has 37 wires means duoble channel LVDS cable. Conclusion: I damaged something on motherboard. Hell I am surprised it works at all after so much soldering all over a board . But damn internal lcd works and thats what matters.
  18. Like title says any users out there that are willng to try and dump vbios with gpuz or nvflash on their 3D g75vx. Or just post screenshot from gpuz so I can see what vbios version is there. I would apreciate help on this matter please.
  19. Thank you very much ishouldgo. I managed to find 10.1 lcd with lvds single channel and then picture is just fine but on my AUO 1920x1080 every second vertical line is white so with that connector has not same serial number as yours I suspect that mine lcd cable is just single and not dual channel lvds. So every lcd with resolution over 1360x768 is not displayed correctly. I will examine my lcd cable closer now. Thanks again..
  20. I couldnt manage to get picture on internal screen via other connector either. Was lucky and everything works fine after soldering back screen connector on original place. With that I take break for at least one week. Have asembled all back as it was before with good old 460m. To bad that 680m just sitting in my shoes box and dusting . Thanks everyone who have helped me on this road, especialy svl7 that spend his time modding vbios files for me. I still have sbios chip soldered on sop8 socket so if anyone has need for testing something with bios I will help. Good luck IshouldGo with your modding.
  21. Sent you file and it was extracted from bios file of g75vw from this thread: http://forum.techinferno.com/asus-gaming-notebook-forum/2538-%5Bg75vw%5D-modified-bios-vbios-higher-overclocking.html
  22. Tested it now and seems that screen is discovered but it still remains black. Vga dont output signal before windows welcome message apears. In windows with hwinfo it reads corectly my AUO screen. I even tested with 3 other displays and all are readed correctly. fn+f8 switch correctly to but scrren remains black. Looks like there are some parts around connector that are missing to so it does not get power for led backlight. IshouldGo if you can take picture of your motherboard especialy around screen connector on both sides I would be thankfull.
  23. Well I managed to remove internal lcd connector. Was not easy job with soldering iron. I feel my hands are not steady for soldering it to that other port today. Will do it tomorow and post results. It is last shot I think if that does not fix picture on internal lcd then I am screwed as I dont think that small part can handle one more resoldering. Wish me luck guys..
  24. Ok. Seems that that is where my signal getting lost . Also if i were you I would ask svl7 to check if you can flash 670m vbios from asus g75 as it has same structure that sbios expects. I tried and flashed 670mx vbios and it works best of all others but for internal lcd. And its even not 680m vbios.
  25. I tested now with 460m and it posts fine on 3D screen but on 60hz 40pin lcd is same as with 680m nothing on lcd but works via vga output. I could swear I tested my old g73jh screen on g73sw and it worked but that modell was hannstar. 60hz screen i have now is from auo v5 matte. Here is picture of my lcd connector on motherboard. can you IshouldGo check if it is on same place on your non 3d or is it maybe soldered on that empty spot under? Looks like non 3d version has lcd connector on other place than mine. Mine is placed above of the non 3d as it can be seen from pictures.
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