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  1. IT FKING WORKED!!!!! JESUS I found a solution like this but did not work i think i put in the wrong place.... Anyways thanks a lot man!!!! FOR REAL!! Now i'm trying to figure out why the FN controls do not work and when i put in 0% the screen goes all black and if there's something to block me doing this!!
  2. Tried everything, changed the vbios of the CARD changed to an old driver... nothing seems to be working:
  3. Tried everything, uninstall reinstall using DDU removed generic pnp monior reinstall the hotkey but nothing is working :/ this is horrible cause i like the brightness in 75%
  4. WtH i'm very stupid cause i did not find anything that helped me fix it :/
  5. Thanks a looot man!! yeah trying to find something but nothing so far... anyways thanks again for the help!
  6. Hello everyone!! I've changey my crossfire 8970m to a 980m, everything is butter smooth games, temperature!! But when i go to bios it says unknown card!! Is there something that i should do to make it regonize?!! will it be a problem?!?! Should i put a new vbios or change something in my notebook bios?? right now i'm using prema V2 and here is the card!! Any help will be awesome!! NEW UPDATE: The brightness controls are not working!!
  7. Yeah i saw that ypu can make some changes and stuff and i don't mind using an eletric oven to bake the heatsink or using the dremel to make space for it There's no problem at all to make this work... just mod and custom drivers then gg
  8. Hmm i've looked around and found this card and i'm willing to buy it. That's why i've asked!! don't mind doing some shenanigans in the notebook (bios, colling mod, cut the case and such) to make it work. Anyone here think that this is possible?! it's a MXM 3.0b sooooo it is compatible but i donno about the rest!!
  9. It's possible to put one 1060 in the p375sm?? i have two 8970m and i think is getting bad to play some games now :/
  10. Nah windows key is not a problem for me
  11. I could find someone who has the same notebook and then extract the bios from it and try to flash the image extracted to the correspondent chip!!! You have any idea on how to extract the bios? any tools that would do the work?
  12. Hey man thanks for the help!!!! Now i am thinking i how to flash cause as Khenglish stated " If you don't have a backup image I'm pretty sure you're screwed. BIOS updates that are downloaded are not runnable. They don't have NVRAM configured properly, so a functional NVRAM must already be in place." And well i was using premabiosmod so i don´t know if i just dl the file and try to flash in programmer will work
  13. so I am screwed!! lol because i dont have the backup image i used prema biosmod and i was fiddling with that microcode hack to overclock the CPU, after i flashed it well black screen now iam thinking what can i do to fix it up.... because i have the programmer but not the original img :/ Well i was using premabiosmod so i don´t know if i just dl the file and try to flash in programmer will work... Any ideas?
  14. Only you to help me out man!!! Thanks a lot, by the way one is the EC and the other is the BIOS ok? do you know wich one is who?
  15. Hey guys, i'm thinking does anyone of you have any image locating where is the bios chip of the p375sm? i did a bad flash bricked my notebook (again) and the fn+b method did not work :/ I will use a programmer to reflash the official bios and solder this so i can fiddle with the bios without problems!
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