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  1. New driver is out Gave me 200p more in both 3dmark11 and vantage But it´s not a valid driver :S
  2. 1,5V is really warm But 0,9130 would be a good starting point! BTW 1,1V i safe on 660m - gives u a core clock around 1300MHz Link: GT 650m GTX 660M overclocking result database So I don´t know what u are talking about... Managed to do a 3dmark run with 1300 core.. if it´s 24/7 stable only time will tell Edit: The keyboard back light doesnt work with the latest modded bios!
  3. I´m shure yes but forgot a 0, I meant 0,02V increase from standard 0,9120V And something is off with the memory clocks.. whatever which clock I have there, the boost limit remaina on 1000MHz.. The core clock is right - the boost is the same as base clock.
  4. Never mind It was a setting in bios that was wrong Now I need a print on the setting to change plstate for higher cpu speed and want a voltage tweak for the 660m Need like 0,2V more
  5. Strange.. 3200p in 3dmark11 with 223 modded,3400p with 221modded :s Works great otherwise!! Now the only thing missing is a voltage tweak for 660m
  6. How´s it going with a 223 modded bios for 660m ? If u don´t have the time - please send me the name of the softwares used to modify!
  7. Just a warning for u guys! Never ever send ur lappy to Asus in the oem box.. Got my laptop back from service without my oem box And they won´t send me it either!!
  8. Have u updated the 221 modded with higher clocks yet ? Looking for base clock of 1000/1400 for the 660m, the modded bios on the first page only has 1085 core.. My laptop is on the way to a Asus repair shop Hopefully i´ll get it back soon!
  9. Exactly! Probably the motherboard Anyway here´s some high res photos of the front and back of the motherboard http://i46.tinypic.com/6i88rt.jpg http://i47.tinypic.com/rigkdf.jpg
  10. Okey! We´ll see what happends.. My bet is that the motherboard is kaputt.. When disconnecting the cmos battery and power the laptop on one fan turns on and spins, nothing more than that..
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