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  1. I've been working on this for a while and I just can't seem to figure it out and wanted to ask around if anyone knew or have an idea of how this worked. So AMI Aptio IV Bios - uses the boolean array 0101000101 to unlock the Chipset Menu. However AMI Aptio V Bios is completely different; extracting the setup module shows an entirely different format. I managed to find this which I believe may have something to do with the Chipset Menu being hidden; Using UEFIExtract on Setup module. 0x15E54 Suppress If: {0A 82} 0x15E56 True {46 02} 0x15E58 Ref: Chipset, Variable: 0xFFFF {0F 0F 20 00 02 00 03 00 00 00 FF FF 00 13 27} 0x15E67 End If {29 02} --- I changed it to ------ 0x15E54 Suppress If: {0A 82} 0x15E56 False {47 02} 0x15E58 Ref: Chipset, Variable: 0xFFFF {0F 0F 20 00 02 00 03 00 00 00 FF FF 00 13 27} 0x15E67 End If {29 02} Once I made the changes I flashed the modified BIOS and the Chipset Menu is still hidden. I've ran out of ideas and was hoping someone would perhaps know something that may help. I've used AMIBCPv5 to set all menus to USER so that I can unlock the hidden options which worked great but now I can't get the Chipset Menu tab to show up in BIOS. Any ideas? This is on an Asus G752VL -- Bios can be downloaded from Asus support page; if someone wants to take a look and get some ideas; https://www.asus.com/support/Download/3/833/0/1/R7OU0ay4MTR8jpC8/45/
  2. httuner

    Cooling a 5750G?

    Do the repaste, I had the same issue with my Acer 5750G with GT 630M and an i3 (Given the i3 probably produce less heat) Anyhow I was hitting 85-90C constantly. I repasted with Artic Silver 5 (Still good stuff & easy to find) I always do a good tiny X of thermal paste in the middle I always found it to work best than the dot) Now I idle around 40C and pushing it I don't go past 65-70C its been great, Do it for GPU&CPU. Clean the fan out and clean the cooling fins of the laptop cooler. I think there is a few tiny thermal pads in there if you do find any don't throw them away reuse them or replace them-
  3. Have you tried removing the CMOS battery? take apart the laptop, find it, remove it for a good minute or so, reinstall- reboot and see what it does. Or else you can get the laptop to run Recovery Flash. I think its Cltr+Home upon bootup or something, but you have to have a BIOS file to flash in your drive. Google around as I don't know the details so well on the top of my head. You could however always get a Test clip and reprogram your BIOS chip that way, better than a paperweight laptop.
  4. Yes that seems to be the issue, they didn't read the warnings because FTK will state that there is a Size Mismatch and asks if you still want to flash, I made the mistake of saying Yes once and bricked my laptop prior_ I hope others get as lucky as I did and got theirs repaired under warranty. Forgot the rep I talked to, but I told him I bricked it doing a flash and he just said, send it in for repairs and that was that =] If you want to flash your BIOS make sure it is size 6144kb, NO larger, NO less The BIOS file you download off the ASUS support website is like a few kilobyte larger but this BIOS is flashed differently and can only be used via Asus EZFlash or Winflash, now with this BIOS, its made to retain your original Windows 8 Key and Original Laptop Serial number. I don't know how it does it but it just does so that BIOS file flashes in a completely different way. FTK doesn't flash like Asus EZFlash and Winflash, instead FTK just completely flashes the BIOS file to the BIOS Chip. Meaning if the BIOS file size is 6144kb it flashes 6144kb to the Chip, if its 6146kb it will flash 6146kb to the chip, it completely avoids the steps that Asus EZFlash and Winflash would take to retain your original Windows 8 Key or Laptop Serial Number, so this is what causes the Brick and when you brick with FTK, there is no way to recover unless you replace motherboard or BIOS CHIP. Asus EZFlash and Winflash seems to only flash 6144kb to the BIOS chip whether the file is 6146kb or not, it only flashes 6144kb to the Chip (it does something I don't know lol) Its confusing to explain but I hope someone gets it.
  5. Do not flash using the Bios prema uploaded, you will brick. Please follow my guide on overclock.net search my username and the thread should be under laptops and mobile computing category. At this moment you must only modify your own backup bios to keep your laptop serial number and windows 8 keys. FTK does work but if it gives you any warnings about size mismatch, do not flash, you will brick.
  6. Sorry I got back to this kinda late, I made quite a lot of progress with this_ I was able to unlock my own BIOS and insert in my own modified GPU vBIOS follow my guide on overclock.net just search my username and find my GTX 670MX modified BIOS thread because I don't think the mods will like me posting links to another forum It'll tell you everything from there and the best part is, All the information I provide is from my own findings and completely free - - - Updated - - - Can't do anything, your bricked for GOOD unless of course you replace BIOS chip or motherboard as whole, if your good with soldering the BIOS chip is easy to replace otherwise you have to send it in for repairs_ DO NOT USE THE G75VW BIOS, it is a completely different BIOS from the G75VX (both models of laptop has different Bios) FPTW64 is not a good idea to use(Always flash from within DOS mode and never from within windows)
  7. Looks like the GPU bios isn't loading_ best shot is to blind flash it. You got to create a bootable usb with and auto execute flash command to flash the original BIOS file into it. Remove your hard drive and remove your DVD/cd drive so the motherboard has no choice but to select the USB stick as a boot up option. I know there's some information about creating an auto execute command to flash on a USB stick to where all you do is plug it in and the auto execute command does the rest.
  8. I had high hopes too, for now everything has to be done via Hex Editor_
  9. Thanks Prema, yeah I suppose I'll have to wait on the voltage tables, there seems to be a lot more to it than I expected, or maybe there isn't and I just don't have the correct keys_
  10. Thanks Prema, how can I look into this BIOS? I eventually figured it out and made a BIOS of my own_ including modding the GPU, still trying to figure out how to do the voltages_ I was going to look at this BIOS you uploaded but it requires a password?
  11. I was able to extract the GPU Bios out of the Main Bios, but no editor software out there can mod this BIOS yet, so I'm just waiting to see if they'll eventually add support or if someone can help modify the GPU Bios for me, until then I'm going to look into it the best I can.
  12. Download 11DE11A1.rom from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way Here's a link to my GPU Bios for an Asus G75VX GTX670MX. If someone could kindly tinker with it to allow me to push higher clocks that would be great!_ I can't get nvidia inspector to work on my laptop(keeps bugging out) I would definitely donate to buy a few beers for your time* =]
  13. Ahhhh OH YEAH!! The sweet smell of SUCCESS! I got it, just can't seem to upload screen shots, but I can now adjust a few good settings like fan control adjustments for active trip points, and I can adjust turbo ratios individually and have the ability to disable hyperthreading and such, pretty sweet_ Took me a while but I knew I would get it to work, now its just about trying to get the chipset tab to appear_ I would load up screen shots but apparently its not letting me at this moment.It was a lot easier than I thought, just needed to find the right tools, now it all goes up from here ! I will share my BIOS file once I get it worked to when I think its proper to release. My last flash was just a test flash to see if what I'm doing will work and apparently what I did work so now I need to go finalize a few things before sharing this BIOS. Now I know how to get it to flash, next stop will be modifying my own Bios for the GTX 670MX, just gotta figure out how to extract the gpu bios out of the bios file since Nvflash won't work on it. Any advice would help if someone is willing to give some.
  14. You probably have more knowledge and skills in this than I do, I usually learn off information I find around the net and I have been quite successful with Phoenix BIOS's and some AMI Bios for OEM motherboards for desktops. If you do end up getting to it that would be awesome, I will be your first willing tester_ For now, I will see what I can come up with if anything at all.
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