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  1. I found one with 0.5mm thickness, should work fine or better get a 1mm? Also, can it be recommended to use as a sandwich between the GPU/CPU and the heatsink as it is only 0.5mm? (Chip + thermal paste + Cu shim + thermal paste + Heatsink) I'm using the same M14XR2 with i7 3630QM GT650M, 3 years old now, facing severe thermal throttling issues.
  2. Very crisp and detailed. I've heard the optical SATA interface is configured as SATA-II, so any attached SSD/HDD through the caddy will conform to SATA-II speeds. Any workarounds?
  3. Hello. I've been following this website for sometime, but never had to post anything myself, as I've seen most of the topics are already there. They are very helpful. Until recently I was curious about certain mods/upgrades and thought there was no other community better than this, who has hands on experience. So I gave it a shot. Loving the work everyone has done so far! Cheers!
  4. Is it ok to skip 3D vision drivers given that my system does not have that feature as far as I know. Does it affect driver synergy in any way?
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