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  1. I am thiking that this site is blinded as I posted many times and are none approved ? I am a Bios Modder and have a good knowledgemnts, but cannot do anything here, so i have only to pay T elite to get a place ? Regards
  2. I would ask to Svl7 if there are possibilities to bypass the Error 280 as I found only a way using the Sleep Bug (every credits go to "Vodek" as during my experiment He does the result file after the Sleeping Laptop and voilà I saw the BUG and the Trick ! It works on Insyde and Intel CPU, not for all Bioses (may be then It is been corrected), but a lot of times is good ! Many thanks for all efforts and tools ! Regards
  3. I have modded this ones : ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp46001-46500/sp46500.exe sp46500_SLIC_NWL_PWR.rar sp46500_SLIC_NWL_ADV.rar regards
  4. Nothing news on the R5 version about Menu Tabs Unlocked ? Regards
  5. It's only for testers or Modders too can partecipate ? Regards
  6. Actualy i know only three ways to Upgrade or Downgrade Bios Firmware on Laptops : 1. Recovery Mode using Decapsulated Bios Unsigned 2. Using FPT Intel and a Bios Generalized Version 3. SPI Programmer That's It Regards
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