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  1. weird. mine did something similar when running on the 980m through mini display port to external monitor. unplugged and reinserted the cable. guessing it's quite a different problem though. to clarify - is it OK with the dedicated GPU and an issue with the integrated (ie weaker) GPU? first port of call would be the usual driver uninstall / clean / DDU / reinstall.
  2. cancel that. Just reinstalled drivers and now working odd
  3. just to update. it was the card. had a terrible experience with HID evolution, and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. ended up buying a new aw17 and getting a replacement card working now.
  4. Hi all. Just bought myself a new external monitor and can't get it to work. Have been bashing away trying everything I can think of. I think the main issue is that there's no output from the displayport. I've confirmed that the cable works, as does the monitor. Output from HDMI works to my TV. Unfortunately the monitor is DP only (144hz) I've flashed to prema v2, and have installed 362.00 from j95, no luck. It's an alienware 17 (ranger) and have a 980m inside. Any ideas?
  5. for the love of god don't use HIDevolution. i made the same mistake. they're cheap, but they're terrible. slow shipping, slow in responding, sadly my unit was DOA, slow to answer questions, terrible support (except for one person on their team), slow in returns process, and don't have a replacement, so further delays have seen multiple people with issues with their cards, much higher fail rate it seems i seriously regret using them, and will strongly recommend anywhere else i did a similar thing. from a m17xr4. 980m DOA aside, I seriously regret doing it. the whole driver install / compatibility issues shit is a pain in the arse. i'd make do with what you have for longer, and then just move to clevo with a 980m already in it. it's just not worth the hassel it's fine when it works, but when it doesn't, and your laptop is your main pc, it's fucking annoying.
  6. Hi all, I've upgraded my m17xr4 from a 7970m to a 980m. Never had any issues at all before doing so. Now that i've spent longer than I expected to reading these forums, and posts by j95, mrfox, and friends, i've ironed out most of the bugs. One thing i've not managed to fix is occasional crashing. I'm worried that it might be a hardware issue, and that i'm going to need to return my card under warranty. Purchased it from HIDEvolution. Here's a piccie of the issue. My specs: m17xr4 3740qm unlocked A11 bios UEFI with legacy mode on (SDD with win 8.1 wasn't partitioned in the GPT or whatever it was needed to run no legacy) 32gb ram 240w PSU 2x1tb HDD, 1x128gb SSD optical drive Currently using svl7 & Johnksss vbios Mr fox's 344.75 desktop mod drivers previously on 347.09 tried a few times to reinstall via DDU, no change Usually happens in BF4 or Unigine heaven benchmark. changing the BF4 settings back to boring makes it happen less often, up to ultra happens sooner. crashes to a black screen, then random colours. need to power off and on again. tried: fresh windows install, DDU and new drivers, changing drivers to different ones, reseating the GPU, reseating the heatsink, changing VRAM pads, no luck. replaced the 7970m back in and ran the same games / benchmarks, no crashes stressed the CPU, no crashes ran alienware preboot check, no issues memcheck, no issues running out of ideas here, other than faulty GPU. here's some piccies and youtube of it happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-xlIzHH4lM ​
  7. just wanting to say a massive thank you. managed to get my new 980m working. now to tinker with it! donated too. really apprecaited dude.
  8. tried a bunch of zombie games lately in the end, dayz mod for arma2 seemed to have the best options, but was limited by shitty launchers and small numbers of people playing it it's still not quite there for arma 3, so you're limited to the shitty graphics of arma2 the stand alone is a joke, and stalled dying light gets boring quickly hoping h1z1 gets off the ground
  9. i'll have to get into arma3 more. saw some frankie youtubes that looked insanely fun, but when i actually played the game, it was incredibly slow and boring. must be doing it wrong.
  10. never understood the love for this game. got it on steam ages ago. got very bored of it quickly.
  11. mkerr

    Favorite MMO?

    nothing's ever captured me like WOW did. sadly, it took too much time to get enjoyment out of later on. ended up having more fun botting than playing would bot and then play PVP competitively, until banwaved.
  12. alienware m17xr4 i7 3740qm 32gb ram 7970m --> upgrading to 980m 2 1tb 5200 HDDs 1 128gb SSD
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