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  1. please help me of this problem.Only using DGPU will have no problem. But when i push fn + f5 and change into the optimus mode,the screen is flickering and glitching.... like this videoeven i pulled out the dgpu and power on with integrated gpu,, it has the same situation.i flash the bios a14 and a13 but it isnt solved.i dont know why... i think it is related to the intel GPU...Is there anybody who know the source of the problem?
  2. lower temperature limit -> earlier faster fan mode?? I thought temperature limit is related to the throttling.. ah.. now i understand... it limit the temperature and also it limit the gpu's performance to follow the limited temperature.. i think this is not bad method to keep my gpu more cooler thx Prema!
  3. Current fan profile makes me annoyed.. This stupid profile just let the temperature rise until 91c (stupid) and it begins to cool down with almost full fan mode. And i search to adjust this fan profile, and some guys told me using msi afterburner, i can modify this profile. But, Mine is locked! i can't even touch this section.. Is there anybody who can tell me how to unlock this section?? Currently, i use prema vbios 1.1.1 for 980m I hate to see the temps rise 91c!!! Stupid machine.
  4. God Prema.... always changes impossible thing into possible one. Always supporting you. Thanks a lot
  5. After reading some post in this thread, i am confused!!!Prema! Have you finished to work on v3 already?
  6. Purely, it is coming from my testing instinction.. now i am frustrating..haha
  7. it means, those selections are eurocom's mistakes...right?? it is mysterious,,,those guys made mistakes,,,
  8. Thank you so much, your information is really helpful to know which gpu can be upgraded in gt680
  9. If you didnt touch any vbios for 780m, that gpu is from dell vendor, even you can see the subvendor as a clevo, that only follows your motherboard model, (that doesn't clearly verify the gpu's vendor), that vbios version 80.04.af.00.03 is from dell
  10. Really? But, why do they enable buyers to select those gpus?? I think they have to change or modify those. Yesterday, i e-mailed about this but they didnt reply me about my questions. To make sure that all units have same selections or not, i checked another model such as p150hm,. p150em, etc. But, these units have right selections for gpus for example, In p150em, i can only choose 6xx series and 7970m/8970m series, and for p150hm. 6xx , 5xx, 4xx 7970/6990m can be chosen.. I know em series cannot be compatible with 7xx 8xx gpus but i think p370em is something special, (i mean non-optimus) thus, is there anybody who did the test for this machine?
  11. Hi, guys I have a question about P370em gpu upgrade. Normally, I have known that clevo em series cannot be compatible with Nvidia 7th 8th generation. However, When i searched some info about P370em gpu upgrade, I found a curious thing on the Eurocom website. Eurocom Model Upgrade here is the link for selecting upgrade for p370em unit. At the vga section, we can choose the 7th and 8th gen nvidia gpu for this unit! even though this is em series. So, i found another unit (p150hm, p150em) to check whether this info is clear or not, Those units do not have any selections for choosing 7,8th gen gpu. Is there anybody who tries to upgrade 7-8th gen gpu for p370em??
  12. P15sm i7-47000mq 16gb RAM (4x2, 8x1 DDR3L) GTX 780M 4GB (DELL VENDOR) SAMSUNG Evo 840 120g HITACHI 1 TB
  13. Can I use 780m vbios for dell 780m gpu? And i am going to use this flashed gpu for my clevo laptop. I saw that oc vbios is dell vendor.. If i flashed this vbios, should i have to modify inf file?? Want to use svl vbios, but worrying about vendor,,
  14. The seller tells me that 780m can be used in clevo system. Can i use this for my p15sm ???
  15. I am wondering why svl7 makes only one oc vbios for nvidia 7th 8 th gen gpu. bcuz, other older gpu 6xx.5xx's vendor should be considered when we flash the vbios, and it should be installed in the selected vendor's barebone. From this generation, is there no need for caring the certain vendor for installing the gpu to other barebone?? for eg, dell 780m gpu can be installed in clevo/asus/msi/aw barebone??
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