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  1. Watch Dogs runs like crap on my GTX 680m;...
  2. I prefer Shadowplay. Afterburner was giving me some errors, where I had no freezing while playing. But every so often a poor quality vid with loads of freezing/stuttering/low resolution would come out. But most of my greatest vids were filmed with afterburner...
  3. I actually, uninstalled this game after realizing the game was unplayable at all graphics levels on a gtx 680m. I was getting 20FPS on low EVERYTHING... @_@
  4. I get what you mean, I find that a lot of the time this is due more to poor optimazation then anything else. For example Skyrim 100 mods VS WatchDogs/AC4 Black Flag. Skyrim gives me way better graphics at way more FPS... The other 2 games I mentioned are very poorly optimized however .
  5. It seems that Gaming companies hate PCs at this moment. My hypothesis on why is simple. PCs dominate console in every way imaginable (I can say this since I didn't get my first gaming PC till after I had my 360...) A cheap desktop gaming PC can rival a console. A medium gaming PC will far far far outclass a Console. An advanced ($$$) gaming PC will make any console look like a bricked GPU. Yet even with all this, I feel motivated to buy a PS4 and a ONE... Why? Because PC single player games are always poorly optimized console ports, sure I could get around this by overclocking or upgrading my system. But even when you have the top of the line system, they hit you with the next thing.. EXCLUSIVES! Okay so I can somewhat understand Halo being X-Box only (though they have released PC Halo...) But what about other games that are on EVERY console, but don't even come near PCs? Metal Gear solid? Kingdom Hearts? Super Mario? The last of us? I don't even play GTA. But the fact that GTA 5 is still not on PC, is ridiculous. The list of games not on PC, and most of which will never come to PC is ridiculous. At one point I used to think it was because of pirating. Sadly PC gaming does have a lot of pirating... But guess what? So does console, I am 100% sure (I sadly do not have numbers to back it up) that they would make more money by being on PC AND console, then they would lose to "PC Only" Pirates. So my conclusion, is why do so many games never come to PC? If it's not pirates. And frankly even when it does come to PC, they don't optimize it well enough for optimization to even be a reason... The answer is $$$, The console companies wan't people to buy console, consoles generate A LOT of income. Halo has generated over 3.4 Billion U$D, personally my main reason for buying a 360 (last console I bought) was to play halo 3 on my Halo 3 edition 360. So to buy a game that has sold millions of copies worldwide, we also buy 400$ (or more) gaming systems. Generating even more money for Microsoft/Sony (Final Fantasy anyone?). So even with the vast superiority, of a decent gaming PC. These are the strategies for motivating consumers to buy the consoles. Sadly this results in PC gaming suffering. We could have games that push the limit of graphics to the next level. We will have new "Next Gen" graphics in appx 8 years. But an SLI GTX 780M system should already be able to run those awesome graphics at maybe 30FPS? And then at this rate, we wont have the graphics that come after the next "Next Gen" for 16 years from now. 16 YEARS!!!! This is ridiculous, we should be able to have stuff like that, as soon as systems capable of running these things become available. Were basically slowing down Moore's Law at the moment (well not slowing it down, but not taking advantage of it). But the main thing is, this is not only about gaming. This concerns technology being slowed down by markets. The development and application of technology just being neglected for consumerism. i find this very sad, and it's also imho the worse enemy of our glorious #PCMASTERRACE
  6. pwnage

    GeForce 337.88 WHQL

    These drivers are working fine for me! Earlier drivers had given me some stuttering in game.
  7. The last few nvidia drivers have been giving me some issues... But the 337.88 has been mostly good to me. If I flash my vbios stock voltage, and do not overclock. Is there any chance of bricking my card?
  8. I would say MSI, their warranty is amazing. The build quality is great, and the performance is awesome if you choose something like an 880m (I'm currently on 680m and still satisfied).
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