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  1. You should be fine, if that can be the case with this game... For me it was the same choppy jumping bumping 15-90 fps at both low and ultra.
  2. Decrease the resolution? With my 7970m(rip), which is similar in performance to the 675MX, I had to go low @1600x900 to get decent consistent fps.
  3. I remember when comments saying that going f2p was a matter of time for ESO were being removed from Bethesda sponsored articles on IGN. Ironic isn't it?
  4. I heard they upped the tickrate from 10 to 30hz, I found the game painful to play back at release, but now that there is a chance that my bullets will hit where I want them, I will give bf4 a second chance.
  5. Depends how much later this year. Right now only 6xxm and AMD 7970m work with no problems, while 7xxm 8xxm do not work at all, the 9xxm require a modded driver and the 980m can only work at 970m speed, however Prema is working on a mod that will make 7xxm, 8xxm and 9xxm work at full potential with standard drivers, so if you are willing to wait long enough you could go with any of the aforementioned cards, though no one knows how long you'd have to wait as there were no news of progress since ~2 months. Anyways, as it is, if you don't want to get your hands dirty 680m and 7970m are your only options, while 970m offers the best performance out of all cards that work.
  6. At least you could just buy it and replace it for yourself... I am in a simmilar situation as you were with my Clevo 170em and hd7970m. I also went with a 780m from e-bay as a replacement only to find that Clevo cut off software support for my laptop rendering it unable to use the new gpu. Fortunately there is Prema with his infinite awesomeness, so there is still hope for me. Anyways, be glad you got an AW
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