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  1. Yeah, I decided to flash the BIOS instead. And what I meant by flashing the card, is to change the sub-vendor ID but is way too complicated for me. Anyway, the card works.
  2. Same computer same card. I didn't ran into any problem yet. Though I'm gonna switch to a 5GHz capable card because the performance on crowded wi-fi connections with 2.4GHz is really trashy.
  3. Hey there, just wanted to know who has pledged to the Star Citizen project. Have they achieved any expectations you had? How are you liking the developement of the game? Me personally, I think Cloud Imperium made a lot of promises we could be sceptical about, but already showing results of this ambitious game (I'm really excited to see more). PS: My ship is a 315p explorer. Do you have any favorites?
  4. When I installed my OS again I put a windows 8 clean os into my usb and checked OEM install, that way it took the license from teh laptop itself. I don't knwo if that is what you are asking.
  5. I asked myself the same question. After doing some research I ended up with a lenovo y500. My experience overall is good, though if you are planning to take it around the battery is not gonna last long. The newer models have better power management. What I best like of this laptop is that I can actually open it and tweak it around, thing that I found to be a problem in other models.
  6. I ran to the same problem a lot of people have. I wanted to upgrade my y500 wlan card in order to conect to 5GHz bands. I found two solutions on the table, one risky the other one not so much. The first one consists in removing the BIOS whitelist and the second one is about flashing the actual card (what I find really troubling). What do you guys think? Have you tried any of these methods?
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