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  1. Hello, peter18x. yes it is related to base clock and voltage. if i increase voltage about 62.5mv, it works fine. but with my default vbios, i can boost up to 1261 mhz without any voltage increasing. but there's power limitation when gpu is fully loaded(99~100%).
  2. hello Prema, i'm using clevo p750zm with gtx980m and windows 8.1. sorry bout didn't mention ma system
  3. hello, svl7! i'm using your vbios and tested several times.. it works great.. successfully unlocked and can access power limits and voltage control. but sometimes directx 11 stop responding while playing the games. and suddenly nvidia driver stopped and recovered. just for me, i can't even start 3dmark tests because of the erros (some buffer and device error they said) . this pheonomenon occurs many times and my colleagues experienced same even they didn't set graphic card to overclock (didn't change the clocks, power limit and etc.. with only bios default setting) . it is kinda unstable right now. i newly installed nvidia drivers(344.xx drivers) and directx just in case, but same.. when i get back to my backup vbios, it goes well, and same for my colleagues. is there anyone experince same like me and my friends? by the way, i'm always appreciate your work svl7! i'm here just give feedback to make it better:distracted:. thank you very much for reading!
  4. i recommned you Asus or Msi gaming laptops. they have plenty of attractive gaming latops you are looking with reasonable price. of course it is suitable for graphic work you mentioned.. but you should know that those laptops are little bit heavy and big.. so it would be hard for carrying around (3~4kg + adapter weights). if you don't need good mobility, then go with those laptops.
  5. i recommend you windows laptop... usually it have better specifications than mac... if your main purpose for laptop is gaming, then you should go with windows laptop definitely. for example, with 1499$, you can buy mac book pro and able to play LOL. if you spend that money to windows laptop, you can buy ASUS G751JT.. which can play most of the games with high settings.
  6. bad news that i will go to the UK coming week.. hope there's no flooding...
  7. gt 755m sli has the similar performance with gtx 860m... but if it is only one gpu.. then.. guess it would not suitable for gaming..
  8. i don't think ddr3 price will go down that shortly.. beacuse ddr4 is much expensive than ddr3 right now. plus only few and very expensive mainboards supports ddr4. , so people wants to buy ddr3 until ddr4 price is goes down.. it would take more than one year that ddr4 is generalized for people.. may be 2 year?
  9. as i said in title.. i could see some blurs in my monitors.. it showed up few seconds and suddenly disapper. (and showed up again.) i've never seen these before.. all i did was just little GPU overclocking with MSI afterburner.. (50/100) could it be caused by overclocking?
  10. you are the best! by the way.. are you sure it is 3dmark 11? because i already got the 1.3k graphic score from 3d mark 11 test... not even flashing bios yet. may be you mean the Fire Strike?
  11. oh.. i almost thought Apple realeased new mac book with gtx970m... lol this is interesting though. if i want to play game with macbook, then just buy nice graphic cards and stuffs you mentioned, right?
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