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  1. Hey guys, i really want to upgrade my Y580 with an egpu, but there are some questions i could not find any answer to. I hope you guys can help me with that. 1. I'm planning to use a GTX-960 (4GB) as eGPU. Which adapter performs the best with my mPCIe-slot? I thought about getting the PE4C-PM060A V3.0 from HWtools because it features the PCI-Version of my Y580. 2. Using my Laptop as a Desktop PC while having an Asus VG248QE connected via HDMI. The refresh rate is 60Hz max due to the HDMI only supporting >60Hz in 1920x1080. As soon as the egpu is installed i want to switch to DisplayPort or D-DVI. Have you guys experienced higher refresh rates because of an egpu? 3. Do you think that i will be able to use the whole power of the GTX960 or is it better to get a cheaper card? I mostly play FPS (ex: BF4). I really hope you can help me because i don't want to buy a new PC only for gaming purposes. In my opinion the Y580 is a good equipped notebook, the only thing throtteling the gaming performance is the GTX660m. I already installed the unlocked BIOS, overclocked the GPU, repasted the CPU/GPU (temps are now not exceeding 70°C), bought a cooling pad, installed a SSD and upgraded my RAM to 16GB. Thats it for now - regards from northern germany. haze
  2. Well Guys, I tried flashing my BIOS aswell and it didn't work out as planned. Everytime i flash it i get this message: (see attachment) After that, i reboot to BIOS - but there are no changes at all. NVIDIA Inspector also tells me my def.clock is at 835 MHz. | Legacy Support/first enabled | BIOS Backflash enabled | current BIOS version: 5DCN90WW(v8.01)| I hope someone has an idea where i made a mistake - although i managed to follow every step carefully. Thanks for your help. _____ EDIT: After doing it several times it worked - PROBLEM SOLVED!
  3. Has anybody tried it with another model? I'm curious if it works on Y580 with Lenovo Energy Management V8.0....
  4. My Lenovo Y580 with repasted CPU/GPU is around 45°C when idle and the cooling pad is turned off. With the cooling pad on, it's a bit cooler. With Battlefield on Mid/High-settings it does not exceed 70°C. Pretty good, i guess. Before cleaning i mostly had temperatures around 85-90°C. As you can see it is worth cleaning your laptop and if it has a dust-removal funtion (like some lenovos have) you better use it.
  5. I'm using a Philips SHB7150. It costs about 70 euros. I bought it off amazon.de (german). The sound quality is acceptable for a bluetooth headset. I'm using it on my Samsung GS5 as well. I like to be able to connect it to my Y580 wirelessly, but i really have to say that you shouldn't use it for calls with your mobile phone (the mic catches too many noises if you're walking through town) The sound while gaming is good and if the battery is empty you can connect it with an audio cable.
  6. Thanks for this threat! I repasted my Y580 a while ago and the results are awesome. I didn't expect so much dust in my notebook, although i'm using the dust removing tool at regular intervals. The temperature dropped more than i expected and the perfomance is great too. I'm looking forward to overclock this baby. To all of you who suffer from overheating or performance drops: Repaste it and get a USB cooling pad in case you're using it as a stationary PC (like i do, most of the time).
  7. Hi guys, I'm hazeventura from northern germany. While searching for more information about my Lenovo Y580 a lot of links led me to this side - so i thought it would be a good idea to join TI.com . Like i said before: I own a Lenovo Y580 with stock RAM (8GB) and HDD (1TB). I just ordered new RAM (Corsair Vengeance 16GB) and a new SSD (Crucial MX100 256GB) to enhance performance. My favourite Games are COD-Ghosts, Far Cry 3, and AC4-BF. As soon as the parts arrive, i will definately get Modern Warfare, Far Cry 4 and AC-Unity. I study Engineering Management and i love old cars such as my 92' Mercedes-Benz W124. Thats all for now - Have a nice day.
  8. Cool, I just bought TES yesterday on steam sale and i use the same laptop as you. I only want to upgrade my RAM to 16GB and replace my HDD with an SSD. Can you tell me your FPS-Rate and your Specs?
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