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  1. Bios fixer 2.0 doesn't do anything at all. Nothing when I run bios fixer 2.0 as administrator with all the various compatibility modes. Nothing when I open it first and try to drag my backup bios.bin on to the window. That just gives me a black circle with a line through it. Nothing when i put the contents of folder [1] into the folder [2] where bios fixer 2.0 is and try to drag my bios on to the open bios fixer window. Still a black circle with a line through it. I did this bios fix before on the same laptop when I was running window 8, but now I'm on Windows 10. I stupidly was updating firmware on the Lenovo website and forgot I had patched the bios for my intel AC 7260 wireless card. Is there something different about Win 10 that's screwing with this??? ***UPDATE*** Ummm I don't understand this, but it occurred to me to throw everything on a USB and transfer it to another laptop also running Windows 10....and that one ran the Bios Fixer and produced my modded bios... I guess I am better off than I was before, but I'm now more confused by this seemingly magical event... And of course attempting the next step produces a new problem. When trying to downgrade to bios 2.07 I get "InsydeFlash cannot load the driver. Please close all applications. If you run this utility in Windows 8, please run as Administrator." Of course I ran it as administrator... and in compatibility modes.
  2. I'm having this exact same problem with my lenovo y510p. My bios is properly modded, but no network connections are detected and the Bluetooth keeps saying "not connected".
  3. OK I have successfully modded my bios, but I've now tried two AC 7260 cards on my y510p and neither of them work. I thought the first one was DoA, but I guess not. I installed the latest drivers for the card from Intel and also tried some older versions too, but I can't pick up any wireless networks with it installed. The bluetooth "works" but continues to say "not connected" on the adapter settings. Anyone able to help me out? Much appreciated.
  4. Nevermind I figured it out. Bios modded successfully, but just discovered that the Intel 7260 wireless-n chip I ordered is a DoA... effing Murphy's law.
  5. OK I managed to get to the dragging and dropping a backup bios into the biosfixer, but ended up with this: "Input file: bios.bin ERROR - invalid input file. Make sure it's a proper dump of BIOS version v1.07, v1.09 or v1.10" I didn't run anything with admin prompt or admin priveleges because when I did, nothing happened. No backup bios was created and the biosfixer with admin priveleges wouldn't let me drag any files onto it.
  6. Sorry, but I can't seem to get Step 1 to work. The backup.bat file run in Admin Cmd prompt doesn't spit out a bios back up anywhere that I can see. Is there an alternative to this step?
  7. I would have to say mine are: Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition XP32 Maximum Skeleton HDT Physics extension
  8. So no solution to the ultrabay connector? I got so excited until the end of this thread. The last thing I wanted to do was give lenovo more money because they have a special connector or because they whitelisted stuff. Hate that corporate bs.
  9. Hi. I just joined yesterday and thought I'd introduce myself. I don't really do any modding, but I do like using mods Most of the mods I use are for games like Skyrim or World of Tanks. The most I can actually do to my notebook is probably just switch out the RAM, HDD/SSD, and network card. Although I saw what some of you guys are doing with external GPUs and that looks awesome so maybe I can learn from you how to start making my own. I hope to learn a lot from being here and someday solve all my own computer problems.
  10. I wish developers would make more games for PC and not just make existing games compatible, but also develop games specifically for PC. I understand there are compatibility issues to iron out concerning different PC builds and configurations, but I feel a standardized console puts a hard cap on what you can do with game developing. We can swap out video cards and CPUs on our PCs, but that's much harder or impossible to do with a console system. These days it seems they're out to make quick bucks and not really interested in making real quality games. There hasn't been a single RPG that has the same substance as Baldur's Gate series, back when graphics were disgustingly bad compared to today. Today's games it is all about good but not great graphics, horrible story lines, and really bad interfaces... Ok I'm going to stop before I tangent any further.
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