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  1. Windows 10 work fine here I've used it since the first preview. 1) Never have this problem just make sure you get the latest driver from Nvidia for SLI y510p 2) Wifi work fine here but my chip is Atheros not Intel. So I don't know about Intel chip problem. 3) Lenovo support apps : don't know about this app. I've never used or seen it. 4) BSOD : Rarely have one. Most BSOD happened by bad driver(outdate or bad installation) so try finding the latest driver for the hardware from hw manufacturer such as from Nvidia site for nvidia gpu Also I don't know why Lenovo doesn't support Y510P for windows 10. They even support the older y500. Also if you want to find some windows 10 drivers for y510p, you can look at y500 windows 10 drivers on Lenovo site. Most windows 10 drivers for y500 actually list y510p as support! and I install it with no problem. Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk
  2. Every chips isn't created perfectly equal. Some chips may require higher minimum voltage than others to stay stable. It seem your chip can't handle -87.5mV UV so you'll want to give it more voltage maybe something like -50mV will do then test whether it's stable. If it is then you may try lower it a bit more and retest but if it's not you will want to increase voltage and retest.
  3. That's normal. There's nothing wrong. Since the internal gpu vbios is attached to modded bios so you only need nvflash for flashing ultrabay gpu vbios.
  4. That is by design. Because "the computer doesnt shut down correctly" thing can cause by unstable undervolt/overclock, so program intentionally reset the value to prevent the computer from lock up and failed boot.
  5. Have you try remove the second graphic card? Removing 2nd gpu will enable intel integrated graphic and your laptop will switch from nvidia card to igpu for displaying. Then reset your bios setting if this work.
  6. Open bios fixer program first, then drag bios.bin on the opened bios fixer program windows not on the .exe files.
  7. Because your old Gt620m is low end graphic card with tdp of 16 watt (About the same as intel hd 4600 in haswell) compare to 2xgt755m which has tdp of 100 watt (50×2) that around 6 times more power hungry than gt620m.
  8. Not possible(at least, no one figure it out yet.) But, even if it's possible, your battery will likely die and your laptop will shut off due to the lack of power.
  9. Hey guy, I think, I've found option in bios that stop cpu from throttling when gpu temp reach 65 degrees. It's ACPI 5.0 CPPC Support and ACPI 5.0 CPPC Platform SCI in Advanced CPU Control under Power tab in Modded Bios. I heard it was cpu powersaving feature in Haswell so I enabled them and install this driver (Intel Collaborative Processor Performance Control (CPPC) Driver for Windows 8.1 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit) - ThinkPad - Lenovo Support (US)). Then today I ran Heaven Benchmark and gpu temp had gone high(75 degrees and 85 degrees) but to my surprise I monitor my cpu using XTU and saw that cpu still turbo boosting and doesn't throttle. About the CPU performance: When driver was installed there is new option in windows power option called Intel CPPC Energy Efficiency Settings. You can enable or disable it (Default are "Enabled" on battery and "Disabled" when plugged in). I leave it at default setting.
  10. CPU-Z always show 4 slot memory even though there are just 2 slot. The only way to check is open up the bottom cover to see. Your laptop probably have only 2 slot too.
  11. I think that for the fair comparison, both should use the same driver version. In this case Lenovo driver is older v.327.62 while nvidia driver is newer v.344.11
  12. Wanna add this, so people don't misunderstand that undervolt make laptop brick but it's undervolt in BIOS that brick it. Undervolting CPU in "BIOS" does brick the laptop but undervolt using "Intel XTU" or "Throttlestop" is perfectly fine.
  13. My Y510P became like this when I disassembled it to repaste cpu. You can try the method from this link since this work for me. www.masnick.com/2007/09/07/the-secret-thinkpad-powerbutton-code-to-bring-dead-laptops-back-to-life/
  14. SLI require both graphic cards to be the same model and modded bios won't help with that.
  15. It's normal. Battery can't provide enough power to GPU so GPU down clock itself by default when you're on battery and if you force the GPU to run at full speed on battery, it's likely that you notebook will shut off or your battery will be fried or explode. Well if you want to force it. I used to see someone post that you can use nvidia inspector to force it.
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