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  1. Well I swapped laptop because I couldn't stand the resolution on this thing and my upgrade attempts were futile. I have this SSD in my acer v15 nitro black edition.
  2. I fail to see how a desoldered chip would make the 900p screen display incorrectly but the 768p screen display correctly.
  3. Using the y510p dual channel cable, the 900p screen will NOT work. I got the same issue as the single channel cable so i said screw it and I'm selling my y410p with a broken webcam cable and screen scratches because it's angering me.
  4. just curious, did you ever buy that cable and did the upgrade work?
  5. I already ordered a y510p dual channel lvds cable for like 35$ (cheapest i could find it). It brings me great joy to see that I can just buy a new camera cable. Thank you so much for all your help so far! Hopefully my cable gets here so i can start using my laptop as a laptop and not a desktop!
  6. I feel like it should just be plug and play. Also is theres a thin webcam cable I could purchase? Accidentally cut my old one
  7. Also would a plain old y510p cable work? aren't all of those dual channel? New VIQY1 DC02001KT00 LVDS Cable for Lenovo Y510P HD 1080p FHD LCD LVDS Cable | eBay
  8. So after i ordered y410 cables for the laptop and decided to just use the single channel... it doesn't connect to the motherboard. I'm honestly ready to break the laptop over my knee and laugh. All i really want is the screen and webcam to work. I need a factory new cable for this thing so I can sell it for 500 and buy something that doesn't suck.
  9. i tried your basic testing procedure before and my laptop does not boot. also you can't access the lvds connecter with the keyboard off.
  10. How do I attach the backlight connector to a cable like the one you linked? Also what about the webcam?
  11. This is the cable I bought and it seems like it will be a single channel cable due to the y410 being only 1280x800 display laptop. Kinda sad because i'm going to have a very hard time upgrading one of those cables to dual channel. :/
  12. If the cable I got is meant for the y410p with the 900p screen, will it be dual channel already? maybe i'll get lucky.
  13. So i ordered 2 extra lvds cables (with the webcam and backlight on them, replacement for the current cable that is not working). Plan to steal one of some of the pins from the old broke cable to upgrade one of the 2 new cables to dual channel and if it does not work I'll just be happy with my 768p screen or maybe sell the laptop.
  14. the new screen is this (EmberV on notebook review said he got that exact model number to work on this laptop). I will edit my post when i get off work and disassemble my laptop and tell you the 768p screen model number. thank you so much for your help and time! I also decided I'll try and splice in the extra cables or something. attached a photo of what the tag says on the 768p monitor. sorry I'm late.
  15. actually for some reason the laptop refuses to power on without the screws all done correctly. I accidentally took the screws form the keyboard and replaced them with the screws you start (the 8 long ones) and without all 8 longs screws the laptop wouldn't boot, Also can you find me a dual lvds cable that requires no splicing. that would be great!
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