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  1. Can anyone please help me?
  2. Hello So I already flashed my BIOS and VBIOS, but now I want to replace my old wifi card. I've looked online to find a wireless card that supports N (not just AC since my router does not support AC) and I found this. I just wanted to know if this card is a good replacement and will work or there are any better 5Ghz cards. Also, I wanted to know all the steps required to replace the card from actually replacing it to uninstalling and installing drivers/software. Thanks for your time.
  3. Alright thanks for the quick response!
  4. So when I use nvflash 5.136 and i enter the command 'nvflash -a' I get two nvidia cards. One whose index is 0 and the other is 1. I can run commands on the ones with the index of 1, but whenever i try to run commands on the one with 0, like -r and copying it, it says: Identifying EEPROM... EEPROM ID (20,00FF) : Unknown ERROR: Supported EEPROM not found I just wanted to know what the problem is and how do I fix it. Also, do I even need to do this because my computer seems to boot up and work just fine. Thanks. They are both GT 750m and I have already installed the modded BIOS.
  5. I have a y510p and I've never had overheating problems because I always have it on top of a cooling pad that I got awhile ago. It works great and should remove any heating problems you have.
  6. Obayll

    The Division

    Well we can't count it out yet because the developers said the downgraded "something". Might be something completely trivial. It looks really cool but I'm not sure my laptop will be able to handle it well or at all. I like how the pvp looks and how it melds with the actual gameplay so I'm looking forward to the release.
  7. I think I might actually play it by myself or with my friends, not sure. I played it back in beta and it seemed interesting, but it didn't feel like a properly melded Elderscrolls MMO. Almost every new MMO plans to start off P2P and either stops in the development phase or soon after because they can't justify spending $15 - $20 or however much they make you spend each month with the amount of content they put out.
  8. Check if the BIOS or something else is trying to force the computer to try to boot up Windows 8. Check on the ASUS forums first and if you can't find anything there try to move the original hard drive back into your laptop and just reinstall windows 7 on the that hard drive.
  9. Recently rented John Wick. Keanu Reeves came back and I loved every second of it and highly recommend it to anyone.
  10. I don't usually tell the game to run at a certain fps unless I'm getting any sort of screen tearing, then I turn on Vsync or another limiter.
  11. Game of Thrones Regular Show Tosh.0 Defiance
  12. Lenovo y510p Intel Core i7-4702mQ 2.2GHz 16 GB RAM 1 TB SATA + 25GB SSD SLI Nvidia GeForce GT 750M Windows 8 64bit
  13. My friend tried to get me into DOTA2 because we both played league together and were fairly good. I never could get used to it and just stuck to LoL while he went to CS:GO.
  14. Obayll

    Favorite MMO?

    Word of Warcraft has to be my favorite overall even though I quit over two/three years ago. Played Runescape before that, if you could count that as a MMO, and it was fun during my middle school years.
  15. Hey guys, stopping by so I can introduce myself. Glad to be a part of this community and hope I can help with whatever knowledge I have.
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