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  1. yup tried everything.. remove second gpu, take out battery + second gpu and power cord, press power button for a whole minute then connect the cord back.. i dont think its gpu related since i dont even hear the hard drive read\write when i put my ear to the laptop.. anyone maybe have any idea if the y510p has a cmos reset jumper or removable battery? thanks in advance
  2. hey guys, i have a problem with my Y510P, i have flashed the modified bios and vbios for my sli version of the laptop, everything worked fine until i changed a value called "reset time" on my second graphic adapter in bios, i set it to 300ms to see if it might help me fix my hanging problem with sli on, i also changed the option to always use the second graphic adapted to "enabled" after that the laptop booted to windows, i started up a game and after a few minutes it hanged and never booted again. when i hit the power button the keyboard lights up and it responds to light change but the screen wont come up and it doesn't boot to windows. also, when i connect or disconnect my charger it does a "beep" sound. anyone have any ideas on how to fix the issue? or am i dealing with a possibly dead laptop? and any idea on whether i can try to claim warranty with a modified bios?
  3. Sorry, I wasn't clear.. I had the lenovo version that had the weaker adapter, I got the 170w original lenovo one and it fixed it..
  4. check if there's any software that delays the start of other process.. another thing that usually works is just to reinstall the driver.. could be some file that got corrupted and it tries to load it until it times out.. Laptops and netbooks :: IdeaPad Y Series laptops :: IdeaPad Y500 Notebook - Lenovo Support (US)
  5. what did you found out about it? i am currently using it on my laptop.. am i making a mistake?
  6. do i have to have the modded bios to use throttlestop?
  7. talking about fan speeds.. aren't those gaps in the fan spinning can cause overheating? i once saw a friend fry a CPU in about 5 seconds due to starting it without a fan.. i am worried by it since heating is a much faster process than cooling.
  8. do you use a 170W adapter? i had a similar issue with my stock adapter after i got an ultrabay card
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