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  1. I just had my Laptop upgraded to a Crucial MX100 SSD & trying to enable bitlocker edrive Hardware encryption - for some reason it always goes to Software based encryption anyone has any idea on how to go about this or has successfully done this?
  2. trashbox_ph

    Lenovo y410p HDD Caddy

    Anyone able to buy a spare Black plastic that you put on the drive?
  3. I have the sleep problem even prior to upgrading from the Atheros chipset never really gotten any solution around it
  4. trashbox_ph

    Lenovo Y510p wireless card

    got my 7260 wireless card to replace the crappy atheros on my y410p
  5. trashbox_ph

    Intel AC7260 Bluetooth recognition problem in Y510P

    7260 works with the BIOS mod
  6. trashbox_ph

    Y510P owners - CPU replacement

    Try checking ebay
  7. trashbox_ph

    Y500 Disassembled (Pictures)

    Any chance to have y410 dissassembly pix?
  8. Woohhoo finally got my Y410p Unlocked & working with 7260
  9. trashbox_ph

    y410p ultrabay options

    anyone managed to get any ultrabay options for y410p? especially the sli gpu?
  10. got the same problem with an atheros model card

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