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  1. I was thinking to go for 16 GB DDR3, 1600 MHZ, CL9 (9-9-9-28), 1.35V , 150-160 Euro (around 200 USD), Later edit - I've ordered this ones - 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600MHz SO-DIMM laptop memory dual channel kit (2x 8GB) CL9 - 160 euro
  2. isaito - you've got a point and I will wait a little, is not a rush..... On the other hand I've found out on China market Haswell Core I7 4900MQ QDME 2.8G 8M QS and cost only € 277,50 / piece I think is fake or smth.... I will ask . TheRealLionKing - No luck on craiglist, I am from Germany. Anyway, I will not risk 300-400 euro without a guarantee.
  3. yoshy262

    decent ssd?

    If you need extra space you can use also an 120 gb NGFF MyDigitalSSD only for Windows and as second hdd you can use another SSD or HDD.
  4. I found on Ebay a brand new 4900MQ but is 674,96 euro (912,23 USD) A little bit expensive, I will try to find something cheaper than this. First the 16 GB DDR3 and then the processor.
  5. Because I want to keep this model for at least 2-3 years I already maxed out the upgrades on it (755 SLI, 256 GB SSD & 128 GB NGFF). Next I want to put 16 GB DDR3 because now I have only 8 Gb but I was thinking if I can change also the processor (4700MQ) with a 4800MQ or 4900MQ but I don't know if I can change or from where I can buy a specific model without any risk. My mainboard is Lenovo VIQY0Y1. If anyone have changed already the processor or have any idea from where I can buy an 4800-4900 let me know. The default cooling system also will be enough?
  6. You make your usb stick bootable, then plug it in, restart your laptop and enter on bios. There can you see your stick or not at hdd section? If not - try with another stick. If yes - just restart the laptop and choose option at the start - BOOT FROM....
  7. Better install only latest stable version. Try 337.88 driver - Drivers | GeForce
  8. Hi. Do you have a link for that sound drivers used for your laptop? Thank you.
  9. I anyone can give me the torrent file I can seed almost forever. I have a seedbox active 24/7 but I cannot save the torrent file from here because I have only 3 posts till now. Waiting for a PM with the download link of that .torrent file
  10. My Y510P came default with 1TB hdd. I have replaced that hdd with a liteon 256 gb ssd and only for windows I have a 128gb MyDigitalSSD SC2. Till today (6 months of use) I have no blue screen or any hdd errors....
  11. I have a Lenovo Y510P with SLI and the bios version is 2.07. Should I stay with this version?
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