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  1. Thank you so much svl7. If this solves my sleep issues, expect a few beers in CAD currency. I've lost a lot of hair and time dealing with this bs.
  2. http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/5405-please-make-modded-y510p-bios-based-74cn44ww-v3-05-a-2.html
  3. ah that might be my problem. I try once or maybe twice and it fails, then give up!
  4. How do you disable the bluetooth? I tried device manager and disabled the bluetooth there, but that didn't solve the sleep issues... Is there another way to do it? Thanks
  5. That's great to hear! I wonder what the changelogs are... They've already had 3.05 out, so I'm confused about this "update" they have
  6. I've been going crazy trying to find a possible fix. I just need perfection for some awful reason! My y410p doesn't sleep at all. I've tried almost everything suggested on here (hopefully I missed the right solution somewhere...) After installing the AC 7260 and the 2.07 modified BIOS, I've tried everything to put the laptop to sleep. Tried to: - Update BT/Wifi Drivers - Airplane Mode - Disabling BT/Wifi - Taking out the USB dongles (mouse, etc) So far, no luck at all. It just will NOT sleep. Did anyone get this fixed / working on 2.07 with the Intel Wireless-AC 7260? the 2230 has horrific wifi speed. I get about 6-10Mbps connection on that, while I get 60-80Mbps on the AC... that's messed up. Can't believe they have this stupid whitelist.
  7. I'm fairly happy with your help and answer
  8. Where was it mentioned that the bay was sata 2?
  9. datako

    the new Y50/40

    Are you in Canada or the US? How'd you manage to get that trade done exactly? Thanks!
  10. Are you making sure you read the instructions? I've read it, and it's clear as day. Go read it again...
  11. Also an MX-4 user here and it's been serving me well so far. Helped with my temps and very easy to apply too.
  12. I've been reading around here and other places. Most people seem completely satisfied with upgrading from their awful 2230 cards. I'm planning to do the same upgrade. My cousin's HP laptop also has a 2230 wifi card, and she always complains about how awful it is... Definitely need to swap it out. The Wireless-AC 7260 seems to get good reviews though. I'd definitely go with that.
  13. Thanks for that suggestion, I'll definitely double check it as well since I would love to know. Also, mine doesn't have a spot for ssd caching, does anyone also know if it will by default come with an empty M.2 NGFF slot?
  14. I was wondering if that ran on SATA III? I plan to install an SSD, but unsure whether to install it in the ultrabay or swap the internal hdd out. Thanks
  15. Just got a y410p and stumbled upon this forum while finding instructions to unlock bios. Tons of other interesting info here. Hi everyone!
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