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    Laptop Cooling Pad

    As a quick fix, getting an egg carton and using that to allow for proper ventilation under the laptop also helps a little. From what I heard, a laptop cooler just simply gives the laptop the airflow it needs. How much does it really improve the temperatures by? Also, about how long can one see a laptop cooler last?
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any good changes to make with this BIOs mod. I've heard of someone who disabled two of the processor cores and obtained both better heat and battery life while only minimally sacrificing performance.
  3. Is the general consensus here that the Intel 7260-AC card the better card to replace the stock 2230? Also, I've read online that Intel made some Dual-Band Wireless 7260-N card, but I can't seem to find it. Since I only have an N router, if I can find a cheaper card, then I'd rather buy the cheaper card than one that I can't benefit from, unless it's better for future proofing?
  4. Thinking of replacing the HDD with an SSD and putting the HDD in the ultrabay slot like what you did. Is there any good method anyone can suggest to copy only the OS onto the SSD? I've already been using my laptop for a few months, so I've already used up quite a bit of space. I also lack an external drive to back everything up before migrating.
  5. So bottom line, when prying open the laptop case, you should be slow and gentle to avoid breaking the plastic clips? Also, does anyone have any links to a decent HDD caddy? I was thinking of opening my Y410p up to repaste the CPU and GPU, and was probably going to do some upgrades while the laptop was open anyways, like swapping out the HDD for an SDD, putting the HDD in the ultrabay, and replacing the network card.
  6. Rilink here. Just another average person who likes computers.
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