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  1. You may have left it too long at this point but what if you try to SYSTEM RESTORE to the farthest date you can get. If nothing else take a look at the programs you have installed along the way when a RESTORE POINT was created to provide some insight into what may be causing your issue.
  2. I moved from a Corsair F60 to my current Samsung 840 Pro 128 and I will a test that the load speeds are very noticeable. Loading any game and especially starting up Firefox is a quite fast compared to the 1Tb platter drive that came in the y410p....even when it is a Momentus drive.
  3. Any thoughts as to using a cooling pad? I find my y410p really winds up the fan when playing games. Would a cooling pad be of any use? If so a recommendation would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Exactly, why would you? An SSD and going to 16Gb of decent RAM would give you an amazing performance kick...and be a lot lighter on your wallet too!
  5. One other thing I found after I had some issues with my system intermittently freezing after using the Samsung 840 Pro for a while, was to install Samsung's "Samsung Magician" software to help adjust the settings for the SSD. Since I did this and moved it to the Sata 6 position is has been running right up to Samsung's posted specs, a few speeds are a little higher too. Very pleased with the SSD!
  6. I have the Samsung 840 Pro 128 installed on my y410p. Originally I made the mistake of putting it in a caddy in the DVDRW bay....only to discover my mistake that it is only Sata 3. So I moved the terabyte drive to the caddy and put the Samsung in the terabyte spot and now have SATA 6. Boot time into WIN8 is 11 seconds.
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