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  1. I have a glossy screen at my surface pro and an anti glare at my y510p. The brightness of the surface display is so good, that when I use it outside their is not much difference to my y510p and the colour of the glossy display is much nicer in my opinion. But when I use them on half display brightness, like on battery, the lenovo is much better with the anti glare display. I dont like fingerprints on glossy displays and I use my Notebook mostly inside, thats why i would buy an anti-glare display for my next notebook. by the way - why did apple stop to give you the option for anti glare displays? I remember that this option was available back in times. sry for my English
  2. kweyd

    Laptop Cooling Pad

    I use a CoolerMaster Notepad XL for my Y510p. I keeps the notebook cold with its mesh all over and the 230mm fan is quite. The 3 port USB-Hub is just a USB-Power Hub so I have no usage for that. But for 20€ it is a real good cooling pad.
  3. Did you installed the driver for USB Mass Storage Device from the Lenovo Website?
  4. i have two samsung evo 850 256GB as software raid(my mainboard doesn't support hardware raid) in my tower pc. The benchmarks are doubled, but software raid ssd's doens't boot faster because the raid beginns working after the boot.
  5. I am German and found this website because i want to improve my Y510P
  6. Hey, im planing a PC for older games and office usage. It should be silence. I wanted to know if someone has experience with the APU and could tell me about the performance. So I thought I take an AMD A10-7850K with an samsung evo 840 250GB and 8GB DDR3 2133 RAM(I was told that it is recommend to use 2133 or 2400MHz ram because the integrated graphics should benefit from that if you use an 7850K) All build in a silence case and the only fan should be a nocuta cpu cooler. Thx for your help
  7. I would buy the mac (I ahd to buy a Thinkpad because of my job). You can buy really cheap Windows notebooks, but if you want a good one like a thinkpad you have to buy quite as much as for an Macbook. Im not a an apple fanboy but I have to say the OS is much more stable und a Macbook is disigned well even if the get really hot. I don't think windows 8 is so bad like people always say. I used it on a surface pro and it really improves your working productivity in combination with a touchscreen.
  8. Yeah a list could help, because of all the taxes for the shipping of some products.
  9. A million days to die in the west
  10. kweyd

    Y510p overheating

    My Y510p never gets this hot, even at Battlefield 4 in high resolution. I use a Notebook-cooler from cooler master with a 230mm fan and it works really good.
  11. Lenovo y510p i5-4200M nVidia GT755M RAM 16GB (2x8GB) 256 GB SSD Win 7 Professional
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