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  1. I've done some research and I simply cannot decide. I currently have a Samsung 840 Evo SSD (250GB) and I can't figure out if it would be worth it to use it in RAID 0. From what I've read online, RAID 0 with SSD's can impede random read/write speed and access speeds, but I can't be completely sure. TRIM shouldn't be a problem since I'll be using a X79 mobo. I pretty much have 3 options that I am looking at. (I have three bays total, one already being in use) 1) Set up RAID 0 with my OS drive, and leave the 3rd bay for a larger storage device later. 2) Leave my OS drive alone, but use the other two bays to setup a RAID 0 array for my largest files/games and storage 3) Do not use RAID 0 with any of my drives Performance in loading games, pictures, videos, applications like photoshop etc are my main concern. The cost is not a huge issue, nor is the lack of security (I back up my most important files, while the rest are all replaceable). I'm definitely going to get more SSD's in the future, and I don't want to miss out on a free performance boost if it's available, but I also don't want to waste my time/money setting up a RAID 0 array if it's not even that good with these drives. I'm hoping someone who knows a lot about this subject can help me out. I understand that the differences in real world performance may not be that substantial, but super high-capacity storage isn't hugely important to me, so I have no problems paying for another 250GB Evo to set up RAID even if it isn't as cost efficient as saving up for a larger drive. I'm going crazy trying to figure this out...
  2. Add me to the roster! Pulled the trigger on my P570WM yesterday. I can't wait to immediately void the warranty with all kinds of BIOS mods and overclocking... lol. If only I had more than ten dollars to my name, I could actually get some games to go with it...
  3. fenix

    Nvidia GTX 880m (Clevo)

    Thanks to the 880M release, I got my 780M SLI setup for $200 cheaper. Not bad at all for only a 8-12% performance compromise.. With a bit of overclocking, I could make that percentage even smaller assuming I can do so without setting my house on fire.
  4. If nothing else, your GPU should be fine because it isn't directly affected by the refresh rate of your monitor. As far as whether or not this kind of overclocking is healthy in the long run is beyond me though. I would personally recommend going for a more modest 75Hz, or whatever lowest frequency is still enjoyable for you. I too would like to hear from an expert on this topic... a 30hz increase is definitely noticeable, but probably not worth significantly reducing the lifespan of your screen if that is indeed a consequent.
  5. It really depends on the kind of money you're working with. If we're talking about a brand new Alienware vs a brand new Clevo, you are definitely paying a premium with the Alienware for the looks, brand name, etc. However, regardless of what you choose, you WILL be getting good build quality with very acceptable cooling. If you absolutely had to choose between the refurbished Alienware 18 and the Clevo p157sm, you would without a doubt be getting a better value with the Alienware. Getting a second 765 SLI for just $100 is not bad at all. However, you are obviously compromising portability a very fair bit going with the much larger option. If mobility is at all important to you, getting a brand new P157SM with a GTX 780M for about $1800 would be a great option. Not only would you be getting better graphical power from the 780M than the SLI 765M's, but you would also be getting an overall better experience due to using only a single card as opposed to two (less heat, no compatibility problems, etc), all in a much more mobile form factor. However, if you prefer the bigger screen and the flashy looks, I would say go ahead and snag that refurbished 18, because that's probably among the best deals you're going to find on any Alienware. You've probably already made your decision by now though. Hopefully whatever you've chosen, you're enjoying it
  6. That sounds fantastic! I just ordered mine yesterday with virtually identical specs except with the Intel wireless adapter as opposed to the Killer. Hopefully it's not too much of a compromise in performance. How is the screen on that thing? I originally wanted the 120hz matte but it was removed, so it looks like I'll be 'settling' for the glossy. Hopefully it turns out to be a blessing in disguise! Also, have you tried modifying the vBios on those 780M's? I bet they run like heaven
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