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    Diablo 3

    As a long time player of d2, im dissapointed in d3, and had hopes that the expansion reaper of souls would've redeemed it. Unfortunately...that is not the case. Maybe with future hotfixes, blizzard can save this game but a visit to the d3 forums would reveal the displeasure shared by many of the players.
  2. With these battieries being much like cellphone batteries, I've always been advised to drain, or almost fully drain a cellphone battery then charging it fully to 100% to give it a better life/calibrating it. That's when I cared to get the maximum energy out of my phone. Not sure how much this translates to a laptop since mines is usually plugged in.
  3. My laptop backpack came included with my lenovo y570 purchase from newegg a while back. Nice and padded, and extra slots for books/material. Same black/orange color scheme as the laptop also!
  4. Still have yet to play Skyrim but IVe heard nothing but good stuff about it, esp the custom roms made my people for it.
  5. Got the Cooler Master myself and I dont even turn on the fan, it's more so for the ergonomics/slant. Helps relieve my achy wrist as opposed to just laptop on desk.
  6. I usually play Sc2/Pathofexile/Diablo3 on high and while it gets hot, it's not "ouch it burns" hot, nor do I notice any throttling. Have not installed a temp tracker. Best to mention I have it sitting on a cool master pad for the ergonics/elevation and the cool master fan is not on.
  7. Definitely gonna be trying to flash bios now after finding this. My internet speeds are rediculously slow with the regular wifi chip....
  8. Funny enough I just received my new wifi card since the one that came with my 510p sucks horribly. gets 12mbps on a 50mbps connection....
  9. Hey guys just found this forum, looks like theres a lot to learn here!
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