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  1. After having used my M14xR1 for almost three years, I think I owe it to myself to disassemble everything, clean it and put it back together using some of these ideas. The fan does come on a bit longer than I think it would need to during simple computer operations.
  2. Is there any noticeable gain by going to 16Gbs of memory? I never rally see my memory get maxed with 8Gbs.
  3. Only been bounding around the treads for a few hours and found this. I didn't realize adding a second drive to the M14x was an option. Very cool and nice guide!
  4. Hi guys, Just jumping into the conversation. I hae a M14x R1, just installed a Samsung 840 Evo and looking to see where the limits are on this machine if I decide to start overclocking. Of course for me that means reading and learning from other people's mistakes before I take on a project. My M14x has been pretty problem free since I got it and the only reason I waited to install the SSD was that I was pretty happy with the machine but now, I felt the prices were right to jump into a new harddrive and see what all the talk is about. So I'll be around, reading mostly but I'm looking forward to picking up some new knowledge about overclocking my laptop.
  5. I installed a Samsung 840 Evo in my m14x, I thought it was a good deal for the price and it was a nice jump in performance over the stock 500Gb drive that has been in there since I bought it. I am curious how noticeable the BIOS fix will be so I am playing around for a while at SATA 2 speeds before I try the BIOS fix. Honestly for me, casual gamer, picture editor, SATA 2 is nice but my inner geeks wants to get the most out of any system I use.
  6. HI everyone, Just joined the forums yesterday as I was searching for a fix to the Bios of my M14x. I've had the this guys coming up on three years and have enjoyed it since day one and yesterday I finally installed a Samsung 840 EVO just looking to keep things speedy on this laptop. I've always tweaked any computer I've owned and this looks like a site with lots of useful information for me. I'm not a software developer or connected to the industry in am means, just an enthusiast who likes to mess around with technology to get it to do what I want it to do. I do have a tendency to lurk in forums, until I have a question that I can't use the search function to answer or I can actually give some input on something. Jeff
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