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  1. I have the standard screen, has anyone successfully upgraded to a higher resolution screen for the M14x R1? thanks
  2. Well I went ahead and got an 840EVO/250GB and subsequently installed the Samsung Magician. This software is very similar in purpose to Intel SSD Toolbox. I also upgraded the RAM from the standard 4GB Micron which was faulty, to 16GB G.Skill 1600MHz. The laptop runs fast. I do notice however a Windows Experience Index score that is less than satisfactory in one area: GPU performance. What I know about the M14x and its bizarre GT555M/Intel HD mutant hybrid graphics is that the GT555M does not have discreet RAM, meaning that it shares RAM with the system. Also the core i5 inside supplies graphics whilst the computer is doing something other than playing games that are coded to utilize Nvidia Optimus Technology. What this means is some games may actually be trying to run on the Intel HD because of a failure to switch over to GT555M. This explains the low score in Windows Experience. Does anyone know how to disable the Intel HD graphics? Surely there must be some BIOS repack available that allows this. I want the ability to force the use of the GT555M exclusively. Also Madfish - the reason Rapid Storage Technology slows the EVO down is because it's a Samsung drive, not an Intel that the software was coded for.
  3. I'm thinking of replacing the stock HDD with an SSD of some ilk and am wondering about the Samsung EVOs. I have a Sager with an Intel 520/240GB and it rips. I've heard good things about the Samsungs but am concerned about reliability. Anyone here running one? Thanks
  4. I just ordered 2x8 GB G.Skill Ripjaws to replace the standard 4GB Micron that is showing memory faults. Did I screw up with this? Specs on Dell website show R1 only capable of 8GB max. Thanks
  5. I have an M14xR1 w/ gt555M here. Trying to get it running as fast as possible with zero reliability issues. I have determined the RAM is bad as I constantly have issues with file extractions and Windows Memory Diagnostic reveals errors, also Memtest86 reports errors. It hast he standard 4GB Micron 1333mhz RAM across two slots. Which BIOS would be better for this laptop? I've ordered up some new RAM to see how it goes. Thanks
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