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  1. Can someone help me? When I tried to make a back up, I ran the backup.bat file as admin, and I get no back up files? Also, what file do I transfer for biosfixer 2.0.? For some reason, when I run my backup.bat file, it automatically closes. Please help me!
  2. At that budget, it is very hard to find a laptop. Maybe, you can find a used lenovo y410p on ebay for around 500-600. It would be hard to find a gaming laptop, but look around on ebay.
  3. An Alienware has known to be one of the best gaming brand. It is like comparing Android to Apple. Apple has less features and less performance as a android phone with same price, but better specs. People prefer to have apple. Similarly, Alienware is by far has the best computers/laptops, but the downside is the price.
  4. I currently have intel centirlo 2230 and I hate it! At home, i get a usual speed 16mb/1mb, but when I am at school, my internet is worst than any computer. The internet speed is usually around 40mb/30mb, but I only get around .01mb/.001mb. I can barely load any website. This is really irritating. I will try to flash my bios and then, replace the wifi card with intel ac 7260. I will update about my current laptop.
  5. For a budget gaming laptop, I recommend lenovo y510p with SLI. With two Gt 755m, you can definitely play most modern games at ultra settings. The downside about it is that the battery does not last as long as a normal average laptop. It's also a heavy laptop so it's not the best portable notebook.
  6. Is there anything blocking the air vents? there might be a possibility that the air vents are being blocked. Since the temperature looks extremely high, your graphics card is getting throttled.
  7. In my opinion, if you enjoy a lot of fps games, you will probably want bf4 and Cod. Both games have excellent graphics, but be careful of the community. There are many ragers, but just ignore them play your own game.
  8. I currently have razer ultimate keyboard. I love it because it has backlit keys with cherry switches. When you press on key, it feels rather soft. It is more comfortable than any other mechanical keyboard that I have used.
  9. The only time you set a fps limiter is when you actually see tearing on your screen. There's always V-sync, but it will likely a noticeable mouse delay. As for osu, I don't you need to limit your fps on osu. I play osu with 1800 fps, and its equally the same as 300 fps.
  10. I used to have a coolermaster laptop fan, but it didn't help me much since I still had the same temperature as without it. It all depends on some laptops; some has better air flow than others so it might help your laptop.
  11. I prefer platronics headset, but once I switched to steelseries, I feel in love it. It has a nice crispy sound with excellent microphone. Just don't put your mic really close to your mouth because it will catch your breathing sound.
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