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  1. I did lift it up - tho it was not elevated the whole time (getting a stand for the notebook today). Thanks for the tip on the numbers. I was trying to find a guide how those number relate to each other but couldn't find anything. Edit: Did you mean like this? http://img.techpowerup.org/140623/nvidia_20140623_163025.png
  2. Hello, need some help here. I flashed the VBIOS and did 2 Tests on 3dmark 11 This one here is directly after flashing, no OC done: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-3210M Processor,Alienware M14xR2 And this one was OCd like this: http://img.techpowerup.org/140622/nvidia_20140622_225900.png with the following score: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-3210M Processor,Alienware M14xR2 What could be the reason that I lower MUCH lower with the overclok?
  3. I understand. I'm really not familliar with any BIOS mods what so ever, is there any flaw of going back to A03 from A10 ?
  4. A03? Is it because it's the 03 version of your mod or based upon the A03 DELL release? Just wondering as the current one is A10
  5. Thanks for the input. Gonna chekc that Logitech keyboard. - As mentioned I'm sitting on a Logitech K200 (~10€ keyset) but I''m getting stressted by the "feel" of the buttons. While I love the feel of the ones on my Aliennotebook,
  6. Let's talk about the keyboards. Which one do use? I'm playing with a generic Logitech 10€ keyset but plannig to get either the DeathStalker normal or the new one with the toucscreen: normal: new: I like the "notebook" like shaped buttons.
  7. IrealiTY

    Gaming Mouse

    Using the Roccat DeathAdder (2011 edition, not the new one) and the only thing which annoys me a bit is that can't use it without a mousepad on my table (which isn't that glossy or glassy at all, black IKEA table).
  8. IrealiTY

    Path of Exile

    Also started to play it 3 days ago. I LOVE the skilltree and the fact that you can not reset your skills etc (well the passive ones). Eventhough I really don't like the graphics the gameplay is damn good.
  9. IrealiTY

    Gaming Headset

    I use a Fatality Headset for 23€ (30$), have it for 3 years now and can't complain at all. Good sound and VERY comfortable. And the USP is that you can de-attach the mic.
  10. Hello, I'm pretty new to overlocking and have some general questions: First of all "How do I overlock" my M14x R2? I have a i5 CPU and a GT650M. For the graphics card it's pretty easy using MSI afterburner or the NVidia Control Panel (with the installed Performance addon) but for the CPU I don't really get the BIOS Settings. I've seen on old Alienwares there was an "OverClock" feature which could be only on or off - with no further settings - but on my (A09 - for windows 8) BIOS to me it only seems that I can change some BUS Hz and memory clocks but not "straight forward" the CPU speed. Before some may say "don't do it then" - I just want to slightly improve the game performance for some games like Dark Souls where I get huge frame drops too 10fps...
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