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  1. Now even running youtube or anything is a hassle. :/ I tried tearing it apart and check if anything blocked the vents but it looks pretty clear to me. I really don't know why its getting so hot, could it be im using the old A05 Bios? The biggest suspicion right now is just that the thermal paste is ineffective. Going to try flash to A08 Bios now eventhough it doesnt support sata 3.
  2. I recently installed a SSD Samsung 840 Pro 256gb onto my Alienware M14xr1 because the A08 BIOS update doesn't support Sata 3 i had to flash it back to A05. After the changes I had massive FPS issues in games and found out the reason to that is because the core temps are WAYYY too high. Like all 4 cores are hovering around 95C. Err I tried taking it apart but I suck at these things and as a result the sides of my pc looks pretty ugly from all the prying and stuff. Can anyone give me tips on how to fix this issue without taking apart my pc again? I dont want to break it LOL.
  3. Once in a while when booting, it automatically shows the sign and says that theres an error and needs to crash/reboot even before I typed my password into Win8. Anyone has this problem too?
  4. I have a problem with my M14xR1 USB 3.0 ports. Once I plug in my WD slim external HD on one of my 3.0 ports, it disables the other 3.0 port which is my mouse. Any solutions? Thanks!
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