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  1. Yeah i read up a lot about cracking on the x series from various sources, i had a T series notebook, T60p, just died on me last week, read another recent thread in the lenovo section at NBR about someone who also had cracking issues in their T series, the person nearly got trolled for bashing the build quality on thinkpads, but in all honesty, the newer series uses way inferior materials, and you really can't go wrong with the elitebooks durability. i don't think TP are what people make them out to be anymore, especially with the ridiculous pricing on the new lineup, looked at the T440p, but i figured if i am going to spend 1k+ on a laptop, i better expect similar build quality to apple, but that's just not something you will find so not worth my money. The only thing they basically got going for them is the nice displays they offer in my opinion.
  2. if i go with the 2560p i think th i7 2860qm will be enough for me for the next 3 years (mostly office type of work), i am mostly concerned about the screen (which hasn't changed from either series), so it is basically down to the IPS x230 with a soldered processor (bummer) or this, i really like nice screens, really sucks HP can't be modded.
  3. Does anyone know if the 2560p has the same 5gbps expresscard as the 2570p?
  4. Budget: $550 I don't really need to play cutting edge games, only games i play are league of legends and dota, and i wanted something that could round those at least on high with no lag, i do realize that isn't the highest budget, but i am looking at used options, i would prefer something 14" or smaller, but if it is 15" i will consider it i am also looking for a second option if i can not find a laptop in that price range with a very nice display similar to the lenovo X220 IPS, i can't seem to find any laptop with a display at that size with that good quality in that price range of 550.
  5. I was looking to spend around 200 and yeah i have an i5 3320m was looking at some local computer shops and a lot of them have older cards for sale at decent prices, $75 for a 550TI and $100 for a 560 TI, 6850 for $75 as well
  6. Hi, i've been reading over this thread and NBR thread and have decided to try this out, however i am still a little confused on which setup i should get for my needs i want to be able to play games such as bf3 on 1024 x 768 on medium detail at 50+ FPS, I have a lenovo T430 and a PSU already and was wondering which setup i should go for for these requirements
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