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    Y510p SSD usage

    Yeah, the SSD that came in my y410p isn't even recognized by the system anymore and has been overall very flaky ever since the time I did a complete wipe of the HDD and clean install of the OS. For a while the drive was recognized but would reset itself after every reboot. Now it doesn't even show up in disk manager or the BIOS. The point is, be careful. It may not be worth all the effort. If anything I would recommend getting a larger size that will allow enough space for AppData, Pagefile, and some basic programs that are better suited on the system drive.. I recommend 120gb. Or, the other option is to get the ultrabay HDD caddy, then buy a 2.5" SSD of your choice and use that. Since my m.2 ssd is no longer working, I just use the ultrabay caddy and a 120gb Crucial m4 SSD and it works fine for me.
  2. not a big deal really, just thought id clarify so nobody gets confused.. the intel "graphics card" is not really a graphics card. rather, it is a GPU that is integrated into the processor ... The Haswell series of chips, i7 4700MQ for example, has the intel HD 4600 class of iGPU. A "graphics card" is a discrete piece of hardware (that utilizes the PCIe bus). I'm sure you know this and is just a matter of nomenclature, but im sure there are others who don't know...
  3. So I am currently using the v3.05 vanilla BIOS, and the 80.07.a8.00.0f vBIOS for my GT 755M. After downloading the v3.05 modified BIOS, I see that I must be currently using v2.07 in order to flash to the modified v3.05. Does anyone have the v2.07 BIOS that I can use? Also, am I able to flash the vBIOS on the 755M, or is that only applicable for 750M users? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I found the stock v2.07 BIOS in this thread. Im still curious about flashing the vBIOS on my 755M, though! TIA
  4. I guess that's subjective then.. I have 5 quality posts, multi-sentence, actually said something of value. I guess I'll just keep posting and eventually someone will decide that 5 of them are "quality" I wasn't suggesting violate DMCA.. If the author hosts it somewhere else, there is no violation. Thanks for the response though
  5. any way to get this BIOS (v3.05) without having to buy an elite membership?? maybe it could be hosted on dropbox?
  6. I saw your post over on the other forums (lenovo forums, I think) .. anyways, you may have better luck asking over at a large forum like techpowerup or **************.. you need to make the title of your post very general and broad so that more people are able to help.. the more specific you make the title, the less people will be willing to help. I would make a title that is something similar to your Question 1 ("Is there a way to know whether the connector is recognized by the device?").. then put the specifics of your problem in the post, just as a way of giving readers a little bit of background. At the end of the day, the details aren't as important ... as long as youre able to find a way to identify a connector from within the OS or command prompt, it doesnt matter *why* youre looking for it or *which* one youre looking for... you just need to know if it's possible. So yeah, I would try that.. and post it on some of the large communities where youre more likely to find someone who has the specialized training thats relevant to this issue. good luck
  7. I never would have thought that you could do this with the vanilla lcd.. even for desktop monitors you need to get special/specific monitors that are capable of being overclocked (some better suited than others). Nonetheless, thx for the guide it is very helpful
  8. I did the same exact thing.. I have my SSD in the main 2.5" drive cage, then put the HDD in the ultrabay caddy... It works flawlessly, aside from sometimes I feel like the HDD is too heavy and not as secure as it could be, but overall it's ok.. i havent had any issues with it, but i would be careful when you have it in a backpack or whatever..be gentle because i dont think it would take a lot of force for it to pop out and slide out of the bay.. Also, my caddy was bare on the end and was not flush with the side of the computer chassis, so I removed the front bezel from the DVD drive and snapped it on the front of the HDD caddy so it looks nice. Not entirely necessary, but something to consider.
  9. what tool is everyone using to OC their cards? afterburner (or other rivatuner-like app)? thx
  10. for some reason my m.2 ssd is not being recognized anymore.. i wonder if changing to a different BIOS would help?
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