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  1. How much increase in performance should I expect from OCing GTX 880M SLI? What is the maximum safe voltage?
  2. I think that the problem is the SLI link, make sure that you have it.
  3. Thanks, I'll try another forum. UPDATE: I tried another SSD but no luck, seems like that connector is not being recognized
  4. Hello, I soldered a NGFF connector to my laptop's motherboard a few days ago, and I installed a 128GB MyDigitalSSD SSD and it is not being detected in the BIOS, and I can't find it in the disk management either. I called Lenovo technical support the day before soldering it and they told me that installing the connector should be enough, no additional ICs or controllers are required, and I called them again yesterday, and they told me that they don't have access to such very technical information I tried a few solutions,including : 1. Switching the boot to Legacy instead of UEFI.(Stopped working since I updated the BIOS yesterday) 2. Reinstalled the chipset driver. 3. Installed ExpressCache and it didn't work either. Note: The SSD seems like it is getting power since it is heating up while I'm using the PC. Q1: Is there a way to know whether the connector is recognized by the device? Q2: I bought a NGFF to SATA connector to check whether the SSD is defective, but its arriving in a month from now, so is there any other way to do that without using any equipment? Thanks, Hush
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