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  1. JCL337

    Y510p SSD usage

    How would I go about installing the OS onto the SSD?
  2. I've recently been looking for a gaming mouse for MMORPGs. I found a few, but I can't seem to decide which is the best choice: Logitech G600 Razer Naga 2014 Redragon Perdition UtechSmart Venus The Perdition and the Venus seem to be extremely similar. 18 programmable buttons, weight tuning cartridges, 5 profiles. Both sub $40, which is pretty nice. They're also the only 16400 dpi mice I could find, which is strange. Logitech's highest dpi mouse is 12k dps, I think (G502 Proteus Core; correct me if I'm wrong). On a side note, is 16400 dpi really necessary? Furthermore, Redragon and UtechSmart are two companies I've never heard of. Razer and Logitech are companies whose products I have much more familiarity with using. The G600's G-shift button seems pretty cool, but I'm sort of confused about its function. Is the button itself programmable, or can it only be used to give all the other buttons a second function? Does anyone have experiences with any of these mice? Especially with the Perdition and Venus, since I know so little about the companies and their products' quality. How are the weights and grip of each mouse? I generally prefer heavier mice and palm grip.
  3. JCL337

    Y510p SSD usage

    I recently bought a Lenovo Y510p. The SSD is only 24GB, and there's currently 21.5GB of free space. What's the best way to utilize this space? Should I put my OS on it? Leave it be?
  4. My 755M SLI gets quite hot when I'm gaming. I haven't tried overclocking yet, but with the CPU running at 2.35GHz, temperatures are around 85°C. They've occasionally hit 95+°C but drop back in a few seconds. I plan on getting a laptop cooler and experimenting with overclocking.
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