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  1. In that case, I'd suggest you stick to windows 7. You could get a 180-day trial version of windows 8.1 - Get yourself Oracle Virtual Box, and install the 180-day windows Trial on a virtual machine - there you can test the OS and see if it fits for you. Microsoft says: "hurr durr! You'll have to upgrade sooner or later anyway"
  2. Well. i'm not Prema, but I'm sure I could give you the answers you need. You can "undervolt" your processor - It wouldn't create so much heat, and therefor it wouldn't be so loud. As always - depending on yout geological environment. If you're a sahara-habitant, you'll get some problems As for Windows 7 / 8 - My experience tells me that Winows 8 (8.1) has a better management, and has a little bit more performance (concerning loading times and little things). It does sae some battery. It's marginally as It'd be about 10 Minutes more (also depending on what you'Re doing), but overall, I'd suggest you to give it a try. It won't bite you
  3. [...]Second if the holes are too big, then things can get in. Like [...]fingers, etc. These might damage the fans. Poor fans getting damaged by evil fingers . Made ma laugh hehe. Do as someone here posted: if you're buying such device, let the warranty do the rest. After all, it's their job to spread the heatsink properly on the DIE's. Isn't it possible for you to return the device, saying that the heating isn't working? Else lie a little bit, and say that the device is randomly shuting down or freezing when you're gaming and it's getting hot. "here - please fix it" You lucky "bastards" (not offensive) can at least open the device without losing warranty. unlike me. Looks like i have to wait 2 years until i may upgrade my ssds
  4. Hey guys, I didn't really understand if the Clevo W350ST (Sager NP7352) also supports the colored keyboard feature. I know the led's are white. Just asking if there are eventually more than white LED's? Unfortunately since I bought my Clevo from a German re-seller (you can't buy THE clevo in Germany), I'm not even alowed to open the back-case of the laptop, and can therefor not open it to mod anything (not even replace a HDD). Could you guys post your OC-Experiences? Good working cpu undervolting / overclocking // GPU Undervolting / Overclocking? Which are the best results? I'm kinda afraid of semi-bricking the device. Semi bricking: setting wrong bios-settings, and not being able to do a bios-battery-reset without having to break the warranty seal of the device. Was anyone able to overclock the RAM with a stable result? Got a couple of 1600Mhz kingston Modules in it, and I'd like to try the "next speed step" in the List. Thanks for your time guys
  5. Finally, after 3 weeks, i got mine. Weird thing in Germany: You get the Clevo under the name "schenker xmg", "Nexoc G3012" and "One 13.3". Good that i found out, this piece was a CLEVO. As i wsa struggling to get vt-x working (was the main purpose why i bought the machine) The fan is, in deed very annoying. I haven't undervolted my cpu yet, and i don't really think it's going to help, as it's a 4900mq. What do you expect from a "ultrabook" with only 1 fan? As soon as i get my full post count, I'll get the latest version of the Prema bios (Thanks for yout astonishing work btw @ Prema), and I'll see what I can do. I'Ve seen some screens of the Bios settings, and they do look pretty interesting. Even tho I am an IT-consultant, there are some setting which don't tell me anything. Great - Time to learn some new "basic" stuff.
  6. Aren't you guys going to lose your waranty if you add random coolers to the system? I'm not really sure if it'll fit in there. Furthermore you need to drill a couple of holes in the plastic cover. Also, when the notebook's on the table, would it have enough space to suck the air in? I guess, IF possible, Clevo would have done it by itself.
  7. Have you tried using some nice Omega-Drivers for your card? Great oC features, and pretty stable. Perhap your problem gets solved with those drivers.
  8. I wouldn't be so sure about it being the power supply. It could also be a secure-mode of the GPU. Not enough power or something like that. I had such "power-off" things on my tower-pc as well when i was messing aroung with my graphics card. Don't focus on the power supply.
  9. TheRoss


    bginfo creates a "screenshot of your desktop background", adds text to it, and packs it to a background image. You could either restart the service of it, or you could simply do like lenovomod said -> get some sort of refreshing tool for bginfo. I actually thought that the newer versions of bginfo would do this automatically.I'm still using pe-historic versions, as I'm using bginfo on a bunch of servers which aren't being restarted / network switched very often.
  10. Neither they exist in Germany. Gotta see if newegg ships to Germany. I guess I'll make a big purchase like unreal25 then.
  11. Static-X - Cold Nice, old Band from my not-so-far-away youth
  12. The Great Gatsby - and it was in deed pretty good. Watch it
  13. Each DIE / transistors on the Core are different. Some may successfully overclock their GPU, others won't really be able to do so, as the GPU's DIE is to bad for it. There are some nice OC-Articles on the net, explaining why some people can OC a certain CPU, and why others with the same CPU can't. It's just a matter of quality. Each CPU is completely different in terms of quality. At the end of the production, the quality decides which "version" the processor is. if it's good -> great CPU with lots of MHZ, if it's bad -> cheap CPU, low MHZ. Same applies to GPU's of course.
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