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  1. The solution what I found right now is to disable intel graphics. This is possible if windows is running and alienware applications is installed, then press fn+f7 and after restarting intel card is disabled and nvida works fine. This should olso be done if you have unlocked bios (i don't have it)
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    Is anybody using Bginfo (BgInfo). I think it very useful, but have one problem that I don't know how to solve. If it showes me ip address, then when I change network it does't change the address automatically. If anybody knows ho to it, please let me know.
  3. Hi, is here anybody who is using alienware and centos (or another linux distro). If yes, then is your video driver working well (not intel). I have problems , that screen is black and can login only in terminal or if I want ti see gui then i have to use nouveau drivers, but this is not normal
  4. I watched Scary MoVie, it was waste of time, but A Haunted House was much much worse
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