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  1. What weight were you at when you first started going? I just got into it through some friends. Definitely going to stay consistent with it.
  2. davidh8998

    Diablo 3

    Oh and if anyone wants to play together, my battle tag is kwang#1462
  3. davidh8998

    Diablo 3

    New expansion coming out for diablo soon. They're bringing back the diablo 2 feel with full customization. Hopefully it'll make the game fun to play again!
  4. Cant wait for it either!! Coming out soon, March 11. Definitely recommend dark souls 1 if you haven't played it yet
  5. I agree with you about the full screen browsing. It gets annoying but iOS 7 isn't that bad at all
  6. What did you get for black friday? I got the Playstation 3D Display for $99. It was orginally $500 but lowered and now is around $180. Sony - PlayStation 3D Display Bundle - 98078
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