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  1. Do I have a thread for you.
  2. You need at least 5 approved posts before you're able to download anything.
  3. You can't use any external Nvidia cards with the y510p. However, AMD cards will work.
  4. I don't have any personal experience with the GTX 880m, but from what I gather it seems to be as powerful as a stock GTX 1050 desktop card.
  5. I suddenly feel quite antiqued, having to choose between an ultrabay GPU for SLI or extra HDD caddy when you guys are running both lol. Hmm maybe I should grab one of these adapters, just in case.
  6. Is posting 5 comments and a week of your time really too much to ask for? These files and this guide have been provided free of charge by the community; all that asked for in return is a very loose confirmation that you're not a bot or a troll. Hopefully, you reconsider as replacing a WiFi card can be a huge quality of life improvement.
  7. The 755m ultrabay has popped up on ebay. It's a bit expensive for what it is, but perhaps you can negotiate a lower price if you're interested. This is only the second 755m4 I've ever seen for sale (I grabbed the first) so they're pretty rare in the west.
  8. Nice mods mate (lol at wine bottle corks), and great overclock/undervolt. I can only drop GPU voltage by -37.5mV while overclocking it to +100mhz. What's your lowest undervolt at stock speeds? Mines is -112.5mV across both cards, which happens to be your final temperature benchmark listed. Also if you need a spare heatsink let me know, I have a couple extras I'm not using.
  9. I'm definitely interested, mostly out of curiosity. No rush in documenting it mate
  10. Curious, but would this eGPU adapter fit in a y410p? Not would it work, but would the current implementation physically fit, given the different dimensions?
  11. My word, this is absolutely amazing. I knew it was possible, but to see someone actually go about designing, constructing, and perfecting this method of utilizing a eGPU. Bravo, just bravo.
  12. So if I understand your question correctly, you're looking for a replacement Wi-Fi card for your y510p. Specially one that supports bluetooth as well, correct?
  13. No that's not normal. I have a y410p with 755m SLI and my max temperatures with Furmark are 66C and 69C respectively. During normal gaming my GPUs are usually in the high 50s to mid 60s and the CPU stays in the mid 60s. I recommend that you dust, and repaste both GPUs and the CPU, along with the spacer mod and unshrouded fan mod. I've done all of those except the unshrouded fan mod. Then I recommend undervolting and using ideafan. My GPUs are undervolted by -112.5mV at stock clocks and -37.5mV with a +100MHz core overclock. You'll have to test your GPUs to see what undervolt is stable for you. Next pick up a cooling pad, preferably one that improves the laptops air flow (leaves a gap between the laptop and the surface it is resting on). For that purpose I picked up a Coolermaster U2, but even just propping up the back of the laptop helps tremendously. Last, keep the room temperature as low as possible. There's a reason why computer labs are always chilly compared to the other parts of a building.
  14. Unlock your BIOS mate. Without an unlock BIOS, your options range from okay to absolutely horrid wireless cards. The one you have is a solid performer, might as well use it.
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