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  1. 4910MQ is of course good choice! I have nearly identical configuration and I'm planning similar CPU enhancement... Do you have records of average temperatures of CPU/board/disks(M.2) during normal operation before the upgrade with 4700MQ and after upgrade with 4910MQ? With what thermopaste(grease) did you replaced original one? If you can run live linux, what is the indicated bogomips of the CPU?
  2. Because I was in need of free USB ports (especially for Bluetooth after Wifi card change) I started DIY work on adding internal USB hub. I wasn't able to found any free USB head on board so I decided to adopt USB-2.0 port on Audio jack board. This was successfull and my Y510p has now 3 more internal USB ports (fourth port is connected out to external USB - except power which is lead directly to allow power-off charging, of course). As usb hub I used mini octopuss hub type, the output cables pretty fitted to free room around HDD and under mPCI slot. On one cable is connected mini bluetooth 4.0 module, on second mini micro-SD reader (for fail-safe and system repair and recovery, including gparted live distro) and one cable is left free, ending just beside mPCI slot. I plan to use it eventually for usb wifi mini-dongle replacing PCI wifi card thus freeing mPCIe slot. The free slot will be then available for PCI riser with external graphics etc. ... If somebody is interested, I'm ready to upload complete and detailed photo story
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