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  1. System BIOS and EC 74CN44WW (V3.05) for Y410P/Y510P Support Win7, Win8 and Win8.1 (run VIQYx305.exe to update BIOS) or run flash.bat in pure DOS environment to update BIOS. Warning : You may brick your computer. Use it at your own risks, only if you know what you are doing ! Y410P_Y510P_BIOS_74CN44WW(V3.05).zip
  2. Is it possible to update the BIOS from 1.xx to the 2.xx or 3.xx?
  3. Y410P can work well on OS X Mavericks now except the Nvidia GPU and intel Wireless card.
  4. Thank you so much, I have the BIOS chip programmed with a flashrom programmer!
  5. I used a 256m usb flash disk, and tried the file name Yx01.bin, .rom, .wph, .fd, but none worked. need I use crysis tool (wincris.exe) to prepare a bootable disk or remove other HD disks?
  6. thanks, I have tried several times, but it still boots with no display, just cpu and fans are working.
  7. maybe I changed the igpu memory size, now i just want to boot normally and could enter the BIOS Setup first!
  8. I used the tool to flash my Y410p BIOS and enter the BIOS Setup, when I "exit saving changes", my pc rebooted with only black screen, how can I recovey the orginal BIOS?
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