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  1. spr193

    m14x r1 help on repaste

    artic silver mx-4, is the best choice as my friend changed his core i5 m14x r1 processor to core i7 2670qm n it is giving good temps. temps picture will be uploaded soon.
  2. spr193

    Alienware M14xR1 Memory Support?

    Yes it supports 16gb as my friend has an Alienware M14x r1 and he has installed corsair 16gb 1600mhz. but if u are saying to install a single stick og 16gb then my friend i m sorry it is not possible.
  3. thanks for adding

  4. spr193

    corsair force 3 GT?

    is it worth buy corsair force 3 gt 240gb? our should i get any other ssd for good performance please suggest? thanks
  5. hey everyone! let me know the pros and cons for the alienware m14x as i m intrested in buy alienware m14x r1 as my budget is limited. thanks.
  6. spr193

    Windows 8 --> Worth Updating?

    hey Duna Unha! I have used windows 8. it is good so far. but to enjoy it fully you need to have a touchscreen. but if u dont have a touchscreen then windows 7 is way better then windows 8.

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