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  1. Has anyone changed any parameter in the modded BIOS? I've seen many things that I want to change but first I need to confirm if anything works without breaking something (I'm from Argentina and if I break somenthing bye bye notebook)
  2. I have the exact same problem: my solution is to disable touchpad each time I close the lid... bothers, but It's the only one I found
  3. Lenovo wants you to buy the more expensive models and to reduce product returns and calls to the call center, that's where the community power comes in to turn the balance to our side. They'll never change... otherwise they will have to charge more for their products
  4. Guys check the Lenovo drivers page (USA), the official bios mod is already there
  5. I started using intel AT, that seems to work "under" the OS. This approach seems a very sensitive idea rather than a piece of software that can be easily uninstalled changing the hard disk...
  6. I've tried it, in my case it's a great piece of software but the driver update is a must... (why the h*ll do we have to update if it is the exact same OS???)
  7. I think that you will be able to play games on a mac plus bootcamp plus windows... but only on the latest ones (the ones with iris pro graphics)
  8. Definitely the y410p with an SSD and 16GB of mem and the whitelist mod! Think about it: $749 (laptop) plus $200 ssd plus 150 of mem... and you get almost the best of the best out there... a no brainer!
  9. IMHO the X1 Carbon is the best out there, unless you give a try to something "revolutionary" like a Vaio Tap 11 or a Surface 2 pro that will increase your productivity a lot with the dual cameras and weight, but seems that's not the case for you!
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