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  1. Does one have the vbios for 2nd GPU 650M that has the same clocks as the 1st GPU? Klem modified it long time ago but it does not seem to show up in his post anymore.
  2. I never had problems with the Lenovo energy management. Not even on the Windows 10 preview builds.
  3. This happens when laptop is plugged-in and put on power saving scenario.
  4. Go for crucial memory. Their site is dedicated for RAM upgrades and quality is good.
  5. I am starting to have no clue what is happening to your GPU. You can try to install Win7 on a different partition and update the vBIOS from there.
  6. One question, why don't you use the official way if this way doesn't work for you? Go to support.lenovo.com: http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/gt650m2ndvgay00.exe Use the steps described by Lenovo: http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/gt650m2ndvgay00.txt
  7. @Klem don't miss inform him. That is an old topic that was solved. I have Windows 8.1 PRO and I was one of the active users who pushed Lenovo and NVidia to find a solution. At some point Lenovo leaked the ROM before they officially uploaded on their website. I was able to update my vBIOS on the 2nd GPU. I am currently on 8.1 with SLI on playing games like DotA2 or CS:GO. @zencowboy007, give me a time frame on Friday, please specify the time zone also. I am on GMT+2 on Friday(Europe). Until then please upgrade to 2.04 BIOS. There is no need for money, I am trying to help because I find it challenging. If by some ends we manage to get through this you can donate to @svl7 who made all the tutorials that helped me to learn all this stuff.
  8. I am pretty convinced is doable but somewhere somehow you are doing something wrong. You can upgrade to 2.04 and then try again, else I don't know, maybe remote desktop connection
  9. Hmm, let's rewind. Please try to update using DOS mode. Use these 2 files: nvflash: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35135276/NVFLASH/nvflash.exe vbios.bat: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35135276/NVFLASH/Vbios.bat edit the bat file to reflect the name of your rom. or simple rename your rom file to match the one in the bat file. Copy these 2 files on the stick. Boot to DOS and run vbios.bat The bat file has everything it needs to perform the update of the vbios.
  10. Ofc is none. The 16GB RAM has benefits if you work on this laptop. I have 16GB RAM but I also run VMs images on it.
  11. From my point of view, there are a lot of mistakes you did. 1. Always do it in DOS mode. It is better when upgrading firmware versions. 2. If not in DOS mode, be sure that you CMD is launched as an administrator (run as administrator). Doesn't matter if your account has local admin rights, it is not the same. 3. What does it say when you hit nvflash --protectoff? (I can't see because the windows are overlapping) . Run it again with cmd as administrator. 4. Don't use that version of nvflash, try with 5.128. Advice for future use: don't place important files on desktop profile. Use a folder in a local partition, because how you have it now, makes everything to depend on your profile, every path needs to access your account.
  12. Ofc, I have it. I have the modded bios and the card in my laptop. What I did before placing it inside was uninstall the old wifi card, remove it from the laptop then inserted the new one and installed the drivers from intel downloadcenter.
  13. Florin

    Y500 PXE screen

    What do you mean you took it off BIOS? There are 2 ways: 1: The PXE boot needs to be disabled. 2: The boot devices order list. Which one did you do?
  14. huh? why are you searching the drivers on 7260 on Lenovo models? You do realize that each of one us who has 7260 drivers, bought a 7260 wi-fi card and manually installed it physically in laptop, therefor the wi-fi card has nothing to do with Lenovo models. Nothing! It is a customization made by the user.
  15. You do realize that you are answering to a thread that had the last reply 2 years ago..
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