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  1. wtlobster

    Lenovo Y410p touch pad spasm with lid closed fix?

    I downloaded synaptics pointing device driver However it is does recognizing my touch pad as a synaptic touch pad. So I don't get any features
  2. According to CPU-Z. This should be the rams my my Y410p is using http://www.qdigrp.com/product/DOWN/desktop/RMT3170EB68F9W-1600.pdf. I can't see the details of the XMP profiles in bios, so I don't know if the ram supports it. Do the XMP profiles come with the bios or does it come from the ram?
  3. wtlobster

    Lenovo Y410p touch pad spasm with lid closed fix?

    I am using the ELAN pointing device drivers provided by Lenovo. Do you have a link to your working drivers?
  4. Does anyone know how to properly enable the xmp profiles for the ram? Whenever I enable it, the system does not boot.
  5. I can confirm this works for 1.07 bios. Has anyone overclocked their CPU and non-sli GPU? Mind posting your stable settings?
  6. I have the Samsung 840 pro on my Y410p. I boot up in 15-20 seconds with everything loaded.
  7. wtlobster

    Lenovo Y410p touch pad spasm with lid closed fix?

    My bios version is Lenovo 74CN26WW(V1.07).
  8. wtlobster

    How does your desktop look like

    This is mine. I'm using rainmeter with Enigma skin. http://i44.tinypic.com/21n43mg.png
  9. I don't know if anyone else if having this problem. When I set my laptop to do nothing with the lid closed, the mouse would start to spaz uncontrollably, moving icons, opening programs. The only fix I have so far is to disable the touch pad before closing the lid, which gets pretty annoying.
  10. wtlobster

    Need game recommendations!

    I've recently played the Crysis series, great graphics and gameplay. League of Legends is also a classic.

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