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  1. noesges97

    Lenovo y500

    My Hdd is very slow too and my SSD is too small (32gb) so i want to ask you what HDD and what SSD i can do in the notebook, because i dont know what size, what sata... When you want you can send me Links or say me just the name or what sata and what size. i want min. 200 gb SSD and HDD 1000gb min. But im not rich so please not so expensive ^^ noesges
  2. noesges97

    Windows 8.1

    Hello Guys. I have the Lenovo Y500 with Windows 8. I just want to ask if you rate me to download windows 8.1 or not. Thanks for help noesges
  3. Hello guys, I have the notebook Lenovo Y500 with 2 Gt650m. I want more Performance with the Notebook, because I want play games with better grafics. Specialy i want play Arma 2 and Arma 3 with better grafics. I ha overclocked the 2 GT650M with msi Afterburner. The GPU Clock is 925mhz and the Memory Clock 1275 mhz. My bios is locked because i dont can download the unlocked bios because i havent enough posts. So i want ask you if you have any tips for more performance. I hope you can help me guys. noesges
  4. noesges97

    Lenovo y500

    Yes i have the System with the 2 Nvidia Gt650m. I just want to play Arma 2 (DayZ) with better graphics and much poeple say this game need much Proccesor and not so much graphic. is it right? sry for my bad english
  5. noesges97

    Lenovo y500

    Hey, i want a better gpu and/ or cpu in my laptop, but i dont know if it works. Can you help me?
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