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  1. Does anyone have an alienware m14x r2 running watch dogs? I would like to know how it runs on my rig.
  2. Personally I go with alienware and you can't beat dells warenties. I highly recommend getting one. It has saved me more than once.
  3. Turtle beach cans are awsome. I can hear everything on the battlefield.
  4. Hi ya'll, I have a m14xr2 and I wanted to know a rough estimate of the gains that can be had if I used one.
  5. I have been very happy with mine but it is starting to show its age.
  6. If I'm gaming for an hour or so my card starts to throttle. I bought a cooling pad and that fixed it.
  7. I had to have dell replace my fan 2 times before it started working
  8. Is it worth updating to this version? Or should I wait for an unlocked version?
  9. Hi y all, I wanted to know if I can go from an a14 to the a13?
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