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  1. Someone can post a picture to see how it looks the pch with the shim?
  2. Do you recommend me a dampening absorbing material for the vibration between the keyboard and the fan ? because i was thinking to do that, my last resource. What do u think about that ?
  3. Thx guys for your replys, i already bought 3 fans from Aliexpress and a new heatsink. The problem persist as from the begining , i open the laptop 10 times more or less to try to find a solution and nothing Works. i had this issue since more than 1 year until now. I don't know what to do =/ Thx for your help
  4. Hi guys, i had this problem since 1 year more or less, someone know how to help me to cease the vibration of the fan when spin faster on my laptop ? i tried 3 fans and always was the same, i checked the 3 screws that holds the fan and are fine. Alienware said to me " you could try to isolate the fans with a piece of rubber. It could be a damaged screw not holding the fans in place " but don't know how is the best way to isolate the fan. When the fan spin slow i don't feel anything under my left side of the keyboard, but when goes at high speeds yeah i can feel it pretty much. Thanks again always for your help.
  5. Hi guys, i have a Alienware M14X R2, my problem is after i repaste my alienware when the fan goes +3000 rpm i can feel it on my keyboard on the left side, its a soft vibration if i put mi hand above the fan ( on the keyboard ) and thats annoying, i don't know what going on, because i dissasembly again and i check everything and looks normal and it still happening, what can i do to check if it every is fine ? Thanks!
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