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  1. mmm..so,i have set my clockspeed to 1035Mhz n it runs stably in any game so far, no flickering at all, however, there is only a minimal increment in my framerate in any game that i run(+4-6 FPS) only .. is that normal. oh ya, i feel so weird that my laptop temperature doesnt increase at all as i expected , still maintaining the same although i have overclocked it till 1035Mhz by using Piratefly's method..
  2. one question, i dun understand the way to create a bat file in nvidia inspector folder. my nvidia inspector is directly can be found on my desktop, i tried to search for its folder but couldnt get it, in which directory should i look for?
  3. it's around 65-67 c.. what can i do to stabilize the clockspeed at 745Mhz?or mayb at 880Mhz by using afterburner? so confused with this new kepler..
  4. One weird problem happened while gaming that i noticed, i have overclocked the core speed of 650M to 880Mhz, while in turbo mode should have increased the speed to 967Mhz, the problem is when i was gaming(in any game,etc Dota 2 , X com..) in the 1st 2 mins, my game was running smooth , subsequently my framerate dropped till the whole game was unplayable, i felt so weird, hence monitor the core speed using MSI afterburner then only i noticed that the core speed would dropped till 250++Mhz after a few minutes of gaming.. at first, i thought that mayb it's due to overheating issue that forced the corespeed to cut down to a safety limit, so i changed the corespeed to its default speed, however, the same problem still persisting.. Could anyone help me solve the problem that i m facing.. thanks in advance:Banane55:
  5. i thought that GT 650M and GTX 660M use the same chipset..??
  6. Apparently, Dell has officially released Bios A09 for M14 R2..hooray.. Now the other problem has arisen... I couldnt overclock my GT 650M more than +135 with Afterburner.. could someone help me with this..i have no idea at all how to unlock the bios..thanks a lot
  7. will it be possible to overclock 650M till the level of GTX 675M ?
  8. I just newly bought a new alienware M14 R2 with RM 5100(in Malaysia)..running great with games i m playing(Torches, street fighters 4) , i thought i was satisfied with it...till on the other day, i saw an enticing laptop from Samsung NP 700G7c powered by GTX 675M with the price of RM6000... What do u guys think? Is it worth to get this alienware M14 R2 or you will go with samsung 7 series laptop?
  9. I m currently using Alienware M14 R2 with GT650M GDDR5, i heard that it is possible to flash GT650M into GTX660M without any problems. Hence, i have tried using different version of NvFlash to get it done...however still unable to get it done. Am i missing something in order to flash it? Is there any other programs besides NVFLash? Thanks in advance
  10. May i know how to flash this modified Bios A08? do i need a special program?
  11. Hi everyone, i m toatlly new to this forum, i owned a M14 R2 with GT650M GDDR 5, could anyone tell me what version of nvflash should i use in order to flash this baby..i have tried most of the version but still couldnt get it done, always came out with the same issue(EEPROM not supported) i would appreciate very much for ur help..thanks in advance
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