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  1. I cannot answer all of your questions but I will answer some. But first let's start by saying welcome to the forums!!! I myself joined here to get an EGPU running:) 1) you should be installing the desktop version. 3) now this is a bit more complicated. Since you have a 1050 the driver that for sure works doesn't have the 1050 (Or ti for that matter) added to it. The best thing to do is get a modded driver as you said in your post unless you wanted to get a 1060 or greater instead which probably isn't much of an option. This driver will not guarantee that it will work though. It will take a lot of trial and error. 4) You could try to set the display that your egpu is running as the main and disable the laptops dgpu. This might render your laptop screen useless though unless you are running some form of optimus which might allow you to run the egpu with your internal screen as well. If I remember the answers to your other questions I will be sure to let you know more! I know this might have brought up some other questions but non the less hopefully some of your questions were answered!
  2. I am not 100% sure about others, however, on a Mid 2015 15 inch MBP retina wo/gpu the newest drivers are working properly. I am not sure if you can just go strait to the newest. I uninstalled using DDU in safe mode. Interestingly enough GFE was still showing as installed on the desktop but was not there in the programs (just something to note). Then installed the drivers that supposedly fix the error code. I believe that is 375.86. Upon restart the system did freeze up at the windows logo on the first boot. I rebooted 2x after that until I had a "successful" boot. I checked device manager and the error code was gone and I then proceeded to go to the 375.95 drivers and everything is up and running. Sadly I do not have a non-thunderbolt system to test this on but it might worth a shot. I would also try to a complete uninstall and go strait to 375.95. It is important that you do a COMPLETE uninstall though! Go into safe mode and use DDU. Nothing would work unless I did that. In addition to doing a "Custom Install" and checking the Preform a clean install option for both of the installations (375.86 & 375.95). I also DID NOT install any of the 3D installs as I do not need them.
  3. It seems to be specific to TB1 & TB2. TB3 should be officially supported due to the Razer Core being available. Edit: might be specific to the Core but it does still run over TB3
  4. I apologize for quoting everybody but out of curiosity what windows build are you on? I have found that the anniversary update also causes many of the same problems. Or at leased makes booting much more difficult. I believe it is build 1607 in which in 30 minutes I cannot get a successful boot. The only other potion than what was previously said is using the old drivers as well.
  5. Unless one of these troubleshooting steps others have posted works for you then yes. Currently I have not found a way to get passed it either.
  6. Sadly This did not work. This might be specific to those who purchased a MBP with a dedicated gpu. Upon Disabling the internal screen and rebooting once I install the newest driver update the internal defaults again with no way to set it back the way it was. Do you know of a way to disable ASPM on a Mac? Windows in bootcamp generally defaults with the power profile part. I assume That is the only way since there is no BIOS setting within MBP
  7. I already have tried that. Still nothing though. Ill be trying it again soonish once I get a Windows dedicated SSD but as it stands now that didnt work previously.
  8. Sadly that did not work. Is there anything else that might be able to be done to fix this??? I am aware that I am not the only one having this problem as well. I would be good to fix it so i could explain it to them as well.
  9. @Dschijn So The setup I was using both is and was working just fine. The problem is I cannot Update to any of the newest Nvidia Drivers. Every time I do no matter what I get error 43 {" Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"}. This is on both 372.90 and the newest 373.06. I end up rolling back to 372.70. I have tried only installing the graphics driver and nothing still. My Question is; Is there a fix or workaround for error 43 to allow me to update the drivers?
  10. I apologize for quoting everybody but out of curiosity what windows build are you on? I have found that the anniversary update also causes many of the same problems. Or at leased makes booting much more difficult. I believe it is build 1607 in which in 30 minutes I cannot get a successful boot.
  11. WARNING TO EVERYONE WHO IS GETTING THE NVIDIA DRIVER 372.90!!! I did a reinstall of 372.70 and everything is up and running again. We will see if it will stay that way. I would still like to know if there is a fix for the error so that if i need to i can update the driver in the future.
  12. Hello, Does anyone know of a fix for error code 43. I am using an akitio thunder2 with a GTX 1060 and a 2015 15 MBP Intel Iris. Everything was working perfectly until today there was an update from Nvidia when suddenly it stopped and is now giving error 43. I have reinstalled windows and still am getting the issue. I am going to revert back to the previous driver to see if that will fix it but we will see.
  13. My goal is to have a switch near the front of the thunder2 to power up the PSU. So rather then running 3 or more connections only running 2 is much easier and cleaner if i can provide power to the thunder2 enclosure with the same connection. I do have a 24 pin sleeved extension laying around that I could Pull all other pins and just leave the 6 wires grouped together in 3 sleeves. One for the 2 Grounds, One for the 2 12v and one for the power switch.
  14. I have ordered the part to complete this however i just wanted to make sure of one thing. I can use any 12v leads on a PSU for the barrel plug correct? My plan is to use the the 2 yellow and and 2 ground on the 24 pin ATX plug to power the box then a ground and the turn-on wire to a switch for the PSU to turn on. Obviously with the 8 pin to my GPU as well.
  15. If it doesn't take up too much of your time I would like to see would be The FireStrike benchmark including the Physics part.
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